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Places to Eat the Easter Bunny in Fairfield County

3 Apr

Creeper Easter Bunny

We know you’ve seen the awkward pictures: crying kids, afraid for their lives, trying to free themselves from the grips of the Easter bunny conveniently located at your local mall. Truly, pics with Peter Cottontail are enough to scar a child for life and make them fear furry white things. But, then again, perhaps it has inspired a growing crowd of people who call themselves Furries and kinda dig furry white things. Either way, it’s hard to understand this Easter bunny thing. Does he lay eggs or just steal them from chickens? That’s kind of mean, right? Well, it’s our time to get revenge on him for stealing all those eggs and for haunting our nightmares. Yes, we present to you a guide to some Fairfield County restaurants where you’ll be able to enjoy your own portion of the Easter Bunny.

Rabbit loin with lentils, prunes, and mustard oil at Bar Sugo in Norwalk

Rabbit loin with lentils, prunes, and mustard oil at Bar Sugo in Norwalk

Bar Sugo, Norwalk: Chef Pat Pascarella takes great pride in his use of game and you’ll often see rabbit on his menu. Whether it’s in the form of a meatball, loin, or another creation of his, it’s always great.

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Easter Recipes to Hop for from Chef McLeod of Benjamin Steakhouse

25 Mar
                            /|      __  
                           / |   ,-~ /  
                          Y :|  //  /    
                          | jj /( .^  
                         /       Y    
                        jo  o    |  
                       ( ~T~     j   
                        >._-' _./   
                       /   "~"  |    
                      Y     _,  |      
                     /| ;-"~ _  l    
                    / l/ ,-"~    \  
                    \//\/      .- \  
                     Y        /    Y*  
                     l       I     ! 
                     ]\      _\    /"\ 
                    (" ~----( ~   Y.  )   
                  ->Jackson Bunny<-


Easter is hopping along, just around the corner on Sunday, March 31.  And, with Easter, comes baskets of goodies and the all important brunch.  While some of you might be going out for brunch (we have an awesome list of Easter brunch spots), some of you might be hosting this meal at your place.  If that’s the case, we have two great recipes to share from the acclaimed Chef Arturo McLeod of Benjamin Steakhouse  in White Plains.  They have a 24 Zagat rating and consistently earn 4/5 stars from many review sites…plus, we’ve heard lots of great buzz about their food.  They are also offering up an Easter brunch, too, btw.  We’re excited to try their food sometime soon, but in the meantime let’s check out Chef McLeod’s recipes for Lamb Stew over Mashed Potatoes and Tuna Deviled Eggs.

Deviled Eggs from Benjamin Steakhouse Westchester

Tuna Deviled Eggs

When preparing a lavish Easter meal for your loved ones, sometimes you just want to start with something simple to save time and energy for the main haul. Enter Deviled Eggs: one of the simplest hors d’oeuvres to make, which happens to be one of the tastiest! It’ll take a total of 15 minutes to make, but I guarantee they’ll be gone in an even shorter time! This recipe uses tuna, which adds extra flavor without overwhelming the delicate nature of the dish. For those who want to go vegetarian, nix the tuna and it’ll be just as great!

Bon appétit!


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~(‾▿‾)~ Eggcellent Easter Brunch + Dinner Spots in Fairfield County (=^_^=)

2 Apr
Brunchmazing at SoNo Baking Company

We are in the process of updating listings for Easter 2015! 

*Tweet tweet* Spring has sprung and the smell of brunch is in the air.  Brunch, one of the most awesome meals of the day.  Better than breakfast and better than lunch:  it is a combination of the best of both worlds.  Sweet, savory, eggy, bready, and meaty.  We’re not talking about just any brunch, though…Easter brunch, one of the best dining days of the year.  Well, we hopped from site to site, from e-mail to e-mail, and restaurant to restaurant and found some great spots for brunch.  Make sure to make reservations, though.  If you have a suggestion for a place that we left off, let us know.  We’ll add it for the benefit of all mankind.

Easter 2015 Listings

Black Rock

Walrus + Carpenter:  TBD


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