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Slice of Saugatuck 2015 Returns w/ 25 Restaurants Participating, Live Music + a Ton of Fun!

1 Sep

Slice of Naugatuck 2015

Hey, people, Slice of Saugatuck is back and you need to get yo’self there. All you need to do is bring $10 ($5 for kids) for a ticket on 9/12 from 12-3 in the Saugatuck part of Westport. When you arrive at any of the ticket stations or the main area in Bridge Square (where Kawa Ni is). After you purchase your entry, you’ll get a map of Saugatuck (deliciously shaped like a piece-a pizza) so you can find all the spots to discover. You’ll also get a Golden Passport that lists all the places where you can nom away on free bites of food. When you visit 10 or more spots (and why wouldn’t you?) you become eligible for various $25 gift certificates. Continue reading

Take a Taste of Wilton’s Best Food and Drinks for Chump Change

6 Jun


We like restaurant weeks, but what we really love are events that bring entire towns or cities together for a massive party.  Just think about it:  you get to walk around a room, eat food, drink wine, beer, and liquor, chit, and chat.  This is really the best way to get to try out a town’s best food, all in one night.  And, the 6th Annual Taste of Wilton will do all that…and more!  Just show up to the Trackside Teen Center on 6/17 from 5:30-8:30, pay just $30, and you’ll get to taste the best of what Wilton (and some nearby areas) has to offer.  This is another great idea for Father’s Day…just sayin’!

Here are all the restaurants and drink providers you can expect (and there might be more added, too):

Continue reading

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