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CT Food News, Vol. 35: Food Challenges, Props, Deals, Outside Dining, Recipes + More

10 Apr

So, first it was nonstop snow. Snow, snow, snow, and more snow all over the place. Well, this week has been that way, but just with rain. Yeah, we know, we can’t complain at all, but there have been a few nights where it’s been that crazy Lord of the Rings fogginess where you feel like there are orcs and other creatures lurking in the dark. But, anyway, it looks like we’re seeing the end of the rain for a bit and will have a really kickass weekend and week ahead, so why not celebrate the hell out of it with some great events and deals going on here in Fairfield County? Plus, you better recognize that we’ve got some great local food news to share, the latest on some food challenges, and some great stuff going on with the CT Beer scene. 

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