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This Sunday: Sustainable Food + Farm Expo 2014 to Benefit Audubon Greenwich

3 Mar

A few months back, we checked out Audubon Greenwich for the first time with our friend Julia.  The purpose of our visit?  Their annual Hawkwatch Festival & Green Bazaar!  Not only did we get to see lots of birds of prey and hawks as part of a demo given by Bill Robinson, but we also learned some tips for identifying different hawks and birds as they pass by.  Believe it or not, they have people actively watching the skies at Audubon Greenwich to keep tallies on how many of different kinds of birds, hawks, eagles, vultures, and other species pass through Greenwich.  The culmination of the day was watching the Audubon staff release a hawk they had rehabilitated be released.  They threw him off the balcony of their main building and at first he was a bit unsteady, but then he suddenly burst out, flying away, twisting in loops as he discovered he was better and free.

facebook_1963797133This is just a tiny portion of the great work, education, and activities that Audubon Greenwich has to offer, so helping them to keep doing this great stuff is important.  Well, we’re happy to share how easy it will be to help out this Sunday, March 9, from 10-5 pm!  At that time you can attend the Sustainable Food & Farm Expo co-hosted with Fairfield Green Food Guide, costing $15 per person, $20 per couple, or $25 per family.  Profits from this day will go right to the Audubon Greenwich, so click right over and get your tickets now!

Now, what will you get with admission?

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Olive Oil Expert Arden Kremer, Olivette, and Fairfield Green Food Guide Press out an Olive Oil Tasting at SoNo Marketplace

10 Nov

UPDATE:  Last Minute Change to Olivette‘s Darien Store! 

We’ve been to wine tastings.

We’ve been to beer tastings.

We’ve been to cheese and wine tastings.

We’ve even been to truffle tastings in Portland.

But, we dare say, we’ve never been to an olive oil tasting.

Well, if you count that olive oil and balsamic vinegar bar at Fairway Market that you go around and around and around, sampling, sampling, and sampling…well, if you call that a tasting, then we’ve tasted.  But, we’re talking about pure, unadulterated, beautiful, bright, vibrant, fruity olive oil here.  We’re talking about tasting the differences between years, types of olive, type of region, depth, earthiness, and more.  Look, it’s not just olive oil!  It’s art.

Speaking of art (is this really a segue?), olive oil has been the center of Italian culture for quite a while…like a few thousand years or something like that. :-P  Now, be honest:  you must admit you feel cheated when you go to an Italian restaurant and you are given:  A) butter B) olive oil of inferior quality that tastes like watery nothing.  How sad…how sad.

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