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Rock the Dock Party to Help Rebuild Bridgeport Harbor, 6/30/12

14 Jun

When Kristien and I lived in Black Rock, we loved checking out the water, the beaches, and the docks.  One lucky day we got to break some waves on a friend’s boat and ride all around Long Island Sound, wind in our hair, bugs in our face.  Well, not everybody gets an opportunity like that, but Connecticut Community Boating is making it easier.  They’ll be raising money with an event of massively fun proportions on June 30, the Saturday before July 4.  With the money, they’ll help rebuild Bridgeport Harbor so that wounded warriors, people of all income levels, and people of all abilities can ride the Long Island Sound.

Tickets are super affordable, only $20 for adults, $35 for couples, and free for adults.

Check out all they have to offer:

  • all the food you can eat (included in ticket)
  • live music
  • prizes & giveaways every 20 mins
  •  a live auction featuring great deals from Fairfield County’s best artists, restaurants, attractions and hot spots
  •  family fun
  •  community info 
  • sunset boat rides along the banks of the Pequonnock and Bridgeport Harbor where we will be building the Bridgeport Boat Basin!

Tickets are limited – so get yours today- click here to purchase!

Saturday, June 30, 2012


305 Knowlton Street

Bridgeport, CT 

Visit the Pez Factory and Pop in Some Sweet Candy Fun – Orange, CT

15 May

Jumping for joy and trying to swallow those Pez whole

Kristien’s parents were in our ‘hood recently and we were scrambling to find something to do.  A few days ago we found out about the Pez factory and Visitor Center in Orange, CT.  Well, all signs pointed to going.  We saw articles on Connecticut Day Trips and CT Out and About and had a few friends who talked about the factory and knew that it was destiny…a very sugary sweet destiny.

I sense much nerdiness in you…

The trip didn’t take too long from Stamford, just about 40 minutes.  When you arrive at the factory, you see a huge Pez sign and on the side three giant Pez ammunition packs.  At the entrance you see tons of Pez dispensers behind glass and floating above you is the Pez bike built by Orange County Choppers.  Adults pay $5, seniors pay $4, kids 3-12 pay $4, and children under 3 are free.  Good news, though:  keep the receipt and you’ll get $2 back with any purchase.

Follow along the walls and find how Pez has grown from a treat that was supposed to stop people from smoking in 1927 to a sugary sweet that people of all ages can’t get enough of.  There’s lots to learn along the way and lots to see.  You’ll have even more to see, though, if you check out the Visitor Center during weekdays.  Yes, you can actually see Pez being created in the factory.  Sweet!

Pour a bit of sunshine into your Pez pail for just $4.99! :)

When you’re done exploring and checking out the amazing collection of Pez dispensers, check out what’s for sale.  You’ll find lots of fun and collectible dispensers for sale.  Most of them are $1.99, so you can stock up and not go broke.  Some of the fun collector sets are Lord of the Rings, Muppets, Marvel, Hello Kitty, and even Disney.  My favorite part?  The HUGE mix your own bucket of Pez station with 14 flavors.  Yes, choose from Lemon, Strawberry, Orange, Sour Apple, Sour Blue Raspberry, Sour Watermelon, Sour Pineapple, Grape, Chocolate, Cola, and more and put them into a Pez pail for just $4.99.  You get to keep the pail and will have tons of Pez to add into your new dispensers.

Our swag from the visit?

Dispensers and Pez pail…and a fun Pez lanyard that you get as part of admission!

A surprise Hello Kitty lunch pail dispenser collection for my sister and a Batman dispenser for my best man, Paul.

Yoda, Animal, and Kermit for me.

Animal for Kristien…you can tell who the true Pez fiend is, huh?

Pez Factory and Visitor Center

Address:  35 Prindle Hill Rd
                  Orange, CT 06477
Phone: 203-298-0201

Site:  http://www.pez.com/visit_us/

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