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Registration Open for 2016 CT Chefs Challenge w/ MAJOR Prizes at Stake

8 Apr

We had a blast year at the 2015 CT Chefs Challenge and were so proud to be one of the partners for the event. Some of the areas best chefs did battle to see who had the best dish of the night. In the end, we were impressed with how much each chef and sous chefs were able to accomplish in such a short time. In the end, it was Chef Adam Bedini from StrEATery food truck who took home the #1 spot and the coveted trophy. Continue reading

2015 CT Chefs Challenge Competitors and Judges Announced

3 Aug

CT Chef Challenge 2015 Info

We already told you to save the date, so it’s about that time to get your tickets for the 2015 CT Chefs Challenge! The competition goes down on Friday, September 18, starting at 7 pm at the Lincoln Culinary Institute in Shelton. This year you have two options for tix, too: GA for $50 which includes free beer/wine, apps, food buffet, coffee, and dessert or the Tasting Ticket for $100 which also includes a reserved seat at a shared table, and a tasting dish from the chefs for the table to share. Also included is the cocktail hour where you’ll have the chance to drink, try some apps, meet some new friends, and learn about The Optimus Foundation who are the benefactors of this incredible event.

Now, here are some of the great things to look forward to:

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Conquer the Bearwich and Win $500 – Bear’s Smokehouse, Windsor and Hartford

18 Dec

The Bearwich, in all its glory (from their Instagram)

Think you could eat that Bearwich from Bear’s Smokehouse in Windsor or Hartford? This shot of their new bbq-infused food challenge makes it seem not that bad, not bad at all. After all, if you finish this bad boy in 45 minutes (by yourself of course), you’ll get $500! Well . . . we’re sorry to say that appearances can be deceiving! 

This is what you’ll need to shovel down:

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Pig Out: Can You Conquer the Smoke + Bones BBQ Sundae Challenge?

6 Feb


A common duck.
An ornery chihuahua.
An average lamp.
A dainty bowling ball.
A mason jar of The Smoke & Bones BBQ Sundae Challenge. 

What do all of these seemingly random things have in common? Yup, they all weigh six pounds. Six pounds? Six pounds!

While that might not seem like much when you’re carrying your chihuahua in your purse down the red carpet or throwing strike after strike down the lanes, that’s a helluva lot to shove into your face.  But, at least it’s not a six pound duck or lamp that you’re eating…we’re talking ’bout the highly sought after BBQ of Smoke & Bones BBQ of Derby, CT.

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Spooky Hot: Ghost Wing Challenge at Little Pub, Ridgefield

17 Oct


You’ve seen the episodes of Man v. Food where Adam Richman attempts to take down massive plates of food.  Sometimes he is victorious, but sometimes the food wins…especially if it’s crazy hot.  Well, this coming weekend, why not show off and try to complete your own challenge?

We’re talking about the Third Annual Little Pub Ghost Wing Challenge at their Ridgefield location.  If you’re able to finish the plate of Ghost Wings, they’ll eat the cost, but if you’re too much of a wuss and can’t take it, you’ll be eating the cost…and you’ll be nursing some nasty heat burns.  Apparently these wings are so redonkulously spicy that the people in the kitchen wear gloves and goggles to protect themselves when preparing them.  They’ll also have Ghost Wing Challenge shirts available for purchase to prove just how sadistic you truly are.

Disclaimer:  OmNomCT takes no responsiblity if any of you go out to Little Pub, try these, and end up hurting yourselves.  When you try the challenge, please send us the pic on our FB page, tweet us, or Instagram us.  We’d love to see the pics.

Third Annual Little Pub Ghost Wing Challenge


59 Ethan Allen Highway

Ridgefield, CT

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