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Major Noms: Citarella Gourmet Market + Liquor Shop Opens in Greenwich

3 Jun

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Months ago we saw a little sign come up on a building (600 W. Putnam Avenue) that’s just a few blocks from our house and was being worked on for months: Gourmet Market. Gourmet Market? We searched, we Googled, we tried every single term, but we had no idea what it could be. But, we were excited, especially because as a part of that building there would be a liquor shop! Months after that a sign went up: Citarella.

Seafood section at Citarella in GreenwichOh hell yes. Turns out that Citarella is a market based out of NYC with Upper Westside, Upper Eastside, and Greenwich Village locations as well as out east on Long Island including East Hampton, Southampton, and Bridgehampton. They developed quite the reputation for producing and selling high-quality food and offering a great variety of fresh products, so we knew that having Citarella by us would be a game changer . . . especially because the market is just a short walk away for us. We can literally walk for a few minutes, grab some choice-cut meats, some killer produce, and a few other ingredients then head home to make a legendary meal.

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La Vida del Mercat Returns to Barcelona SoNo w/ Cheese, Wine, Beer, Food + Spanish Imports

14 Apr

After the success of last year’s La Vida del Mercat, Barcelona in South Norwalk follows up with another sure-fire hit event. This year will prove to be even more awesome as Barcelona recreates the vibe of a classic Spanish market. In a fun twist, there will be a a mixture of Spanish foods and imports along with local food and drinks, too. For $40, you’ll get a chance to taste and drink as much as you’d like with all of the vendors on 4/15, starting at 7. 

Just check out this list:

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