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EOS, in the Top 100 Greek spot list, celebrates 3rd birthday in style! EOS Greek Cuisine – Stamford, CT

29 Jun

Have your baklava and eat it too!

EOS Greek Cuisine in downtown Stamford is celebrating three years of kick ass Greek food that just, plainly and simply, freaking rocks.  How hardcore is EOS?  Well, they’ve been included in the Top 100 Greek Restaurants in the U.S. by The National Herald.  Notice they are the only Connecticut Greek spot on this list?  So, if you’ve never had a chance to go there, or if you’re a seasoned (hahahaha) vet, we’ve got a great time for you to visit.

Tuesday, 7/19/11

From 5-10 p.m.

$45 per person

You know the deal:  pick an option from each course, and commence Omnoming.  Here’s a breakdown of what we’d pick:

Course 1:  Batzaria.  We know Kristien is chemically dependent on goat cheese and with the beets and the sauce…damn right she’s getting that.

Course 2: Avgolemono.  When restaurants say, “Our famous blah blah,” we don’t usually listen.  But, if EOS says that, we listen.  We’re excited to try this course because their use of lemon is superb here.  If you’ve tried their lemon potatoes, you know this is true.  We loved those potatoes so much that we tried to duplicate them at home.  Yes, they turned out well, but they were missing that real kick that only EOS has.  

Course 3: Arni Kebab.  If you've been to a few Greek spots, you know they probably have lamb on the menu.  We actually think it's part of the Greek law:  thou must serve lamb.  So, if God has ordained it, who are we to argue?  Look at this kebab:  char-grilled lamb with peppers, onions, and tomates served with-wait for it-lemon zest mashed potatoes.  Holy Moses!  Please refer to how great their use of lemon is with Course 2, then come back here, then read again, then come back here.

Course 4: Baklava Sundae.  You are officially Greek if you enjoy kickin' back and noshing on some baklava.  But, really, what better way to enjoy it then by using it to create an ice cream sundae with?  The baklava isn't too chewy or too stick-to-your-teeth-for-the-next-ten-daysish.  Great dessert for baklava lovers or for a person who is experimenting and is a virgin to Greek desserts. ;)
490 Summer Street
Stamford, CT
Phone: (203) 569-6250
Site: http://eosgreekcuisine.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eos.greek.cuisine

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