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Food Runners Needed to Rescue Food for Community Plates

16 Aug

We might take vacations, travel, or head back to school near the end of summer, but hunger in Connecticut never takes a vacation.  That’s why Community Plates needs your help.  They’re an organization that we’ve written about before that rescues food from restaurants, grocery stores, and markets that would have normally been thrown away, then gets that food into the hands of the food insecure.  To do that, they have a core group of volunteers called food runners who go to the restaurants, pick up the food, then deliver it to be distributed.  This never takes too much time and the experience and knowing you have helped others is very rewarding.

If you’re already a runner, see if you can work in a few more runs…and, if you’re new to Community Plates, check out the contact form here and tell them how you want to help out.  Also, keep an eye out for the Food for All: Night to End Hunger event on October 1.  We’ll have more details on that soon!

Here is a list of all the restaurants and markets that give their unused food:

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