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Move over Cronut™, Meet the Oreo Zeppole

1 Oct

Oreo Zeppole at Zeppoleme in Port Chester, NY

We knew that when we first saw Zeppoleme getting ready to open that we were in for trouble.  After having eaten there many times, we just can’t get enough of their paninis…and their zeppole of course.  Normally, we won’t post about a restaurant’s food again after already writing a review, but our visit to Zeppoleme on Sunday is worthy, oh so worthy!

As if their zeppole and dipping sauces weren’t crack enough, they recently created special Oreo Zeppole.  We’re talking about freshly made zeppole mixed in with chunks of delicate Oreo (think similar flavor and texture to deep-fried Oreos).  To pull the whole dish together they serve them with a thick buttercream dipping sauce on the side.  So, as you dip the zeppole, make sure to cover only half.  That gives you 24 bites, rather than just 12.  Each zeppola is amazing, so warm, so fluffy, so moist, and so amazingly like an Oreo.  But, it’s more like Heisenberg level Oreo flavor.  The pure stuff, the real deal.  A dozen of the Oreo Zeppole is $15 (you can only buy a dozen at this point) or a regular dozen is $10 and comes with three dipping sauces of your choice.  But, are you really going to have the regular zeppole when you have the option to devour Oreo Zeppole?  

They also are planning Pumpkin Zeppole and even more special flavors that will go along with the seasons and holidays.  For more info on Zeppoleme, check out our review and their site.


Noms: 3.75

Cost:  $$

Address:  321 North Main Street

Port Chester, NY

Phone: (914) 481-5900

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