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Lobstercraft Expands w/ 2nd Truck and Online Food Truck Locator

31 Mar

Try as we might, we have yet to find a better lobster roll in Fairfield County than off of the Lobstercraft food truck.  The roll to lobster meat ratio is just right…plus, we love all the options that you can get.  You can get the old-fashioned purist Coastal that’s made with just butter and seasoning, or kick it up a few notches with the Heat Wave that features a habanero infused butter.  And, yes, the Surf & Turf should be ordered every time you see that special on the menu.

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Get a deal on some juicy balls this Valentine’s Day…

14 Feb


Nothing says Valentine’s Day like balls, lots and lots of balls.  And, just as The Local Meatball says, you’ll “Ball in Love” with the deal they’ve got going on starting today and going until 2/16!  If you call Mike and co. up at (203) 258-6317 and set up a catering job, they’ll get ya a sweet deal…you don’t even need the specific date yet.  If you’re planning on ballin’ it with up to 25 guests, they’ll give you a $50 discount and you’ll only pay $400.  And, if you’ve having a big party for 25-50 people, they’ll drop the price down $75 to $800.  You don’t just get a choice of 3 meatballs, either.  You’ll also get rolls, drinks, and the guest of honor gets a The Local Meatball shirt!

Kick in da meatballs from The Local MeatballIf you take advantage of this order, you’ll have their tried and true variety of meatballs that have been taking Fairfield County by storm, but there will also be some new additions.  Mike DiStassio, owner and head-baller, told us that they’ll have two new balls available:  a Bacon Cheeseburger and Sausage and Peppers balls.  In addition, for catering only, they’ll be introducing their gluten-free ball!

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Food Truck Rally in Stamford to Benefit The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County

18 Nov

Cancel your ho-hum, humdrum lunch plans for Wednesday, 11/20…there’s a food truck rally happening!  We’re talking about Connecticut’s favorite lobster rolls from Lobstercraft, the Serious Balls of The Local Meatball, the Caribbean flare of Maddy’s Food Truck, and the ooey gooeyness of the awesome Melt Mobile.

They’ll be hanging out at Harbor Point Circle (that’s the circle in front of The Beer Garden) from 11:30-2 pm, selling lunches and giving back a portion of their sales to The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County.  Both Lobstercraft and Melt Mobile will be giving 10% of all sales, while Maddy’s and The Local Meatball will donate 10% but will kick that up to 20% if they get past $500 in sales.

So, seriously save your lame salad, your boring bologna sandwich, and/or your salt-laden Ramen noodles for another day and get yourself down for a lunch to remember.  Big up to Roxy Waters of Castleton Commodities International for organizing this!

Food Truck Rally for The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County

11/20 from 11:30-2 pm

Harbor Point Circle, right by 15 Harbor Point Road

Harbor Point area of Stamford, CT

(right outside of The Beer Garden)

Win Lunch and a Drink at the 10/5 PopShop Market in Fairfield!

2 Oct

PopShop Market 10/5/13 Fairfield

Do you feel lucky, punk?

Do ya?

Well, if you do then maybe you’ll think about entering a contest that we’re holding with the lovely ladies at PopShop Market.  They are giving away lunch at the food truck or restaurant of your choice AND a cocktail or beer from their Signature Bar Car.

Here’s all you need to do:

Tweet at @omnomct and @PopShopMarket, telling us what restaurant or food truck you’re excited to try.  Just remember to mention both of us so we can count you in the running for the goodies.

The contest starts now (9 am, 10/2/13) and goes until 7 pm on 10/2/13.  PopShop Market will contact the winner by Twitter, so make sure you’re following them to get that very juicy and yummy Direct Message saying that you won.

To check out the lineup of food trucks, restaurants, and shops at this Saturday’s PopShop check out our post from yesterday and the PopShop site.

Dan and Kristien

Holy Cannoli! Meriano’s Cannoli Truck Storms Connecticut!

23 Aug

There truly is a God…from Meriano’s Cannoli Truck FB page

Update:  Meriano’s Cannoli Truck is coming to Fairfield County in October for a visit!  Follow them (info below) to find out where first.  

Cannoli are, arguably, the most amazing creations on Earth.  Since childhood, any good Italian with a proper upbringing was introduced to these amazing treats.  If you weren’t, vergogna per la famiglia.  If, by the odd chance you weren’t lucky enough to be born Italian, you probably eventually learned about cannoli and became as obsessed by them as we are.  If there’s ever cannoli on a restaurant’s menu, best believe we are ordering it.  If we’re ever near a cannoli, our Italiano-radars can sense them.  Whether they have a plain shell or a chocolate covered shell, a plain filling, bits of orange zest inside, or are flavored in funky and fun ways, we want them…want them bad.  Any way you love you cannoli, Meriano’s Cannoli Truck (yes, a food truck that started in June) has you covered.

Regular cannoli filling with regular shell or chocolate covered?  Check!

Oreo, peanut butter, chocolate strawberry, Snickerdoodle, Mounds bar, coconut sangria, or coconut cream pie cannoli?  Check!

Specials from the Meriano’s Bake Shoppe like tiramisu squares, sfogliatelli, gluten-free pignoli cookies, or eclairs?  Check!

It’s safe to say that this brand new food truck will be taking Connecticut by storm.  The brains behind this amazing testament to Italian pastries and goodness are Anthony, Liz, and Andrea Meriano.  While their parents started Meriano’s Bake Shoppe in 1988 in Guilford, their children have taken it a step further by taking the Meriano name on the road.  But, it’s not just about cannoli or selling their pastries.  They have a deeper cause.  They lost both their parents, Tony and Betty, to cancer.  Coming together, they wanted Meriano’s Cannoli Truck to have a cause, to have heart.  So, whenever you buy cannoli or pastries from the truck, they’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to Smilow Cancer Hospital in New Haven to help eradicate cancer.

Keep track of their truck by visiting their Facebook page or following them on Twitter!  They’re very good about listing where they’re at.  So far they’ve been to New Haven, Guilford, Madison, at the Lyme Farmers Market, and even the Shoreline Wine Festival where we first learned about them.  Also, if you want to hire them for a party, check out their cannoli packages.  

So, we wanna know, what’s your first or best cannoli experience?  Ours would have to be during our honeymoon when we had a freshly made cannoli in Rome.  Madon!  Then again, the pregnant cannoli that Dan’s parents ordered for his Eagle Scout party was pretty wicked, too.  It was a giant cannoli with about 50 cannoli inside.  Madon!

La Pizza Fritta: New Food Truck in Stamford Serving up Italian Street Fare

31 Jul

Stamford’s newest food truck, La Pizza Fritta! All photo from their Facebook page.

Matt and Liz Terenzio were at their yearly family picnic which consisted of five families and about 200 people.  Year after year, the favorite food at the picnics was the Italian classic:  pizza fritta.  If you’re wondering, that’s simply means fried pizza.  But, look, we know that fried pizza might seem simple but it’s one of the best things in the entire world.  They thought about it for a while and decided that this would be a perfect thing to build a food truck around.  And now we have La Pizza Fritta, Stamford’s newest food truck run by Matt, Liz, and other family members!

The Plain Fritta…om nom nom.

Although they only started recently, they already have a big fan base and have almost 300 likes on Facebook…more than people at their family picnic!  Right now they’re stationed on Bell Street and the plan is to find a permanent spot somewhere in Stamford.  Staying in Stamford is ideal for them because Matt’s uncle had a few clubs in the downtown area that served up family style Italian food and they want to keep their ties to the community alive.

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The Local Meatball Expands Meaty Empire with Second Truck

22 Jul

Mike DiStassio’s The Local Meatball has seen lots of success even though he’s only been ballin’ for just three months.  He has sold out of balls while being parked in Fairfield and various events throughout the state, and he’s been to lots of parties along the way.  But, running out of his meatballs might soon become a thing of the past with the creation of Grinder, aka “Big Ball,” their Red Nissan Cargo Van.  They’ll be able to take out Big Ball to festivals and keep the crowds fed while Little Ball can hit up smaller stops like the Fairfield transit station.

And, he has also taken Two Roads Brewery by storm.  Perhaps the best way to show Mike and co’s devotion to the art of the meatball is their first day at Two Roads.  Yeah, it was raining like crazy, but they just put up their umbrella and pushed through the day.  Emily of Two Roads told us during out last visit that she was amazed to see how many people came and had some meatballs despite the rain.  And, wouldn’t you know it, The Local Meatball was there when we visited recently.  Although we were a bit disappointed with the Serious Balls (their original Saugatuck Craft Butchery beef) the first time around, we tried them this time and they were excellent.

Congratulations on all your success!

Oh, and make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter so you can keep up to date with what’s going on and where they’ll be appearing!

Why you need to go getta some Vanchetta…a rolling rotisserie food truck

11 Jun
Take a gander at this custom built truck...

Take a gander at this custom built truck…

There are food trucks and then there are food trucks, serving up hand crafted, custom made, awesome food. We’re not talking about your standard street food fare, we be talking ’bout Vanchetta, a rolling rotisserie truck that had its soft opening last week in Stamford. When we broke the news to everybody, people were excited…even the owner, Andy Dolan, who said he was a big fan of our blog but was trying to keep things quiet and take things slowly (oops, sorry for that man).

Well, now that it’s public knowledge, we’re ready to share our experience…

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Vanchetta Rolling Rotisserie Food Truck Brings Porchetta, Pulled Chicken, and More to Streets of Stamford

5 Jun

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 9.15.44 AM

Update:  we tried Vanchetta and we loved it.  Here’s our review.

Porchetta.  Say it with us:  pour•keht•uh.  The “keht” part is really important if you want to sound Italian and authentic.  It’s like when you order a gyro and say, “I’ll have a gi•ro,” rather than, “I’ll have a yeer•o.”  And, while we’re at it, it’s brew•sket•uh, not brew•shet•uh.  Okay, we’re done with our language lesson for the day.  Let’s dig into what porchetta is and why you’re going to be so happy that you’ll get a ton of it with a new food truck called Vanchetta that has its soft opening this week in Stamford.  Porchetta starts off as a pork roast that is layered with stuffing and herbs (garlic, rosemary), meat, fat, then it’s put on a spit then roasted.  In the case of Vanchetta, it’ll be roasted over their rotisserie.   

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Two Roads Brewery Has Some Serious (Meat)balls this Weekend

10 May

Get your mind out of the gutter, people.  We’re talking about Two Roads Brewery having The Local Meatball shop on hand for their Saturday food truck experience from 3-7 on 5/11, the start of CT Beer Week.    Since TLM launch on 4/20, Mike’s been gaining quite a following of ballers.  There’s no doubt that Mike will be serving up some Serious meatballs, his standard formulation made with Saugatuck Craft Butchery beef and other local ingredients.  Here are descriptions from his site about the meatball choices (there is usually Serious and one other on special):

SERIOUS:  made with the finest ground beef from Craft Butchery, we use only the best local ingredients. Soaked in our traditional sauce, they are like no other. These balls burst with flavor and are our version of the classic.
Future Specials
KICK IN DA:  made with the most tender local pork around and some hot cherry peppers to give them just the right kick. Served in a chunky, spicy sauce, they’re a win-win.
IN THE BUFF:  fresh ground chicken and our own buffalo sauce—these are the perfect combination of heat and flavor.
HONEY’S:  honey BBQ sauce from a local favorite and a tender, juicy pork ball…who needs ribs when you’ve got balls?
JEWELS:  these salty, sweet creations are what we like to call a “breakfast ball.” Made with delicious ground beef, sausage, bacon and chunks of melted cheddar cheese. Topped off with the tastiest local maple syrup on a soft, light and airy snowflake roll. They’re jewels.

Here’s how to do it:

1)  Place your oder.

2) Grab your slider, Average Joe, or Grinder.

3) Head upstairs to Two Roads Brewery  and down those meatballs with some old cold brews.  We highly recommend the saison.

4) Fill up some growlers or growleritos (they are so cute and tiny).

5) Get some more meatballs before you leave.

Two Roads Brewing Co.

1700 Stratford Ave

Stratford, CT 06615

Phone:  (203) 335-2010

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