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Vanchetta Rolling Rotisserie Food Truck Brings Porchetta, Pulled Chicken, and More to Streets of Stamford

5 Jun

Screen shot 2013-06-05 at 9.15.44 AM

Update:  we tried Vanchetta and we loved it.  Here’s our review.

Porchetta.  Say it with us:  pour•keht•uh.  The “keht” part is really important if you want to sound Italian and authentic.  It’s like when you order a gyro and say, “I’ll have a gi•ro,” rather than, “I’ll have a yeer•o.”  And, while we’re at it, it’s brew•sket•uh, not brew•shet•uh.  Okay, we’re done with our language lesson for the day.  Let’s dig into what porchetta is and why you’re going to be so happy that you’ll get a ton of it with a new food truck called Vanchetta that has its soft opening this week in Stamford.  Porchetta starts off as a pork roast that is layered with stuffing and herbs (garlic, rosemary), meat, fat, then it’s put on a spit then roasted.  In the case of Vanchetta, it’ll be roasted over their rotisserie.   

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Georgetown Day brings community together through food, fun, and music

28 May

Georgetown Day becomes bigger and better every year, picture from http://georgetownct.org

The village of Georgetown is nestled right where Redding, Weston, Wilton, and Ridgefield meet.  One of our favorite restaurants in the area is Bistro 7, a farm to table restaurant that has been pulling in some rave reviews (like ours and Local Food Rocks).  And, one of the restaurants who will be providing food this year, Luca Ristorante Italiano, is another on our must-eat list.  But, believe it or not, there’s more to life and a village than just food.  Yes, that’s hard to believe, especially coming from two food bloggers.  So, let’s tell you a bit about Georgetown Day, this year on June 9 from 4-10 pm on Main Street.  Don’t worry, we’ll talk about the food, too…

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Soupstock 2013 brings soup contest , a food court, music, arts + more to Shelton, Connecticut

22 May


We told you about Soupstock last year…a free music, food, and arts festival that is now in its fourth year.  While Soupstock (taking place on June 8 from 10-8 pm at Veteran’s Memorial Park in Shelton) has always been about fun, there’s also a heart to this much anticipated event.  Proceeds from the event (there are lots of chances to give and help support) go to The Mary A Schmecker Turtle Shell Fund (read more here) that benefits art, craft, and music education for children and young adults.  Let’s show you why you’ll need to keep Saturday, June 8 free for you, yourself, your friends, and your fam:

Picture1) There will be great food options for you:

We’re talking Liquid Lunch of Shelton and Milford, BRYAC from Bridgeport (they’ll have a raw bar), DiSorbo’s Bakery of Hamden, Mamoun’s Falafel of New Haven, and Addeo’s Italian Ice of Shelton.  Kristien just might spend the entire festival shooting oysters, though. :P

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Meet Your Neighbor: A Taste of Port Chester w/ 34 Restaurants!

21 May

taste of port chester 2013

Awesome grilled wings at Coals

Awesome grilled wings at Coals

When we lived in Rye Brook, we’d often travel into Port Chester and check out some great restaurants like Q, Sonora, or try the countless restaurants that were serving up ceviche.  Now that we’re in Greenwich, we’re even closer to Port Chester, so we travel in quite often and have discovered one of our favorite places:  Coals.  Well, we’re excited to share the third annual A Taste of Port Chester, 2013.  This event is taking over nearly the entire downtown area of Port Chester on June 2 from noon to 3:30 pm with registration beginning at 11:30 am.

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Dishcrawl Fairfield County Expands + Launches New Canaan Events

16 May

When we hit up the first Dishcrawl Greenwich experience, we were excited to meet some great people and try some new food.  First we tried some excellent tapas at Barcelona and had Chef Michael Lucente talk to us about what was on the plate, then we got a huge surprise with the Haitian food of Maddy’s Food Truck.  From there we checked out Sundown Saloon for some tacos and chicken wing bites, then ended up at Meli-Melo with a nice scoop of ice cream.  Throughout the night we met some great people that we had only known online and it left us wanting to spend more time with them all.  While some people thought that the choice to go to Sundown Saloon wasn’t the best and didn’t fit the bill, Jesse (Greenwich Dishcrawl Ambassador) took it as an opportunity to learn and help make Dishcrawl better.  He’s definitely listening and trying to make each Dishcrawl even better than the last.  Case in point will be the Surprise Dishcrawl that he has planned with only 8 tix left…we think he’s got something great up his sleeves.

Now, there are a few things to go through here with you:

Dishcrawl Greenwich and Dishcrawl Stamford merged to form Dishcrawl Fairfield County.  This makes much more sense, especially because they are looking to expand into more cities such as Norwalk, Darien, and now–officially–New Canaan.  Yes, the experience of checking out four restaurants in a night (only the first restaurant is revealed, keeping the rest a mystery), meeting great people, talking with chefs and owners, and enjoying nomworthy food is coming to New Canaan.  Jesse was able to partner with the New Canaan Chamber of Commerce and Taste of the Town Stroll to create a two night event on August 27 and 28, both at 7 pm.

If you’d like to get your tickets, just click here.

If you’d like to learn more about the Dishcrawl concept, check out our first post about Dishcrawl Greenwich.

Again, if you are vegetarian, please note that when you buy your tickets as Jesse can accommodate you.  If you have other restrictions, you can always see if Jesse can help to arrange suitable food for you.  Just contact him at jessel@dishcrawl.com.  Also make sure to follow Dishcrawl on Twitter with their new handle, @DishcrawlFCT.

Where in New Canaan would you love for Dishcrawl to go?  We say elm because we’ve been dying to go there for a long, long time.  :)

Dishcrawl Greenwich Adds Second Night After Selling Out!

10 Apr

Yes, you heard that right!  We just got the news from Jesse, the organizer of Dishcrawl Greenwich.  The tickets for the May 8th event sold out very quickly (3 tiny days), but people wanted more.  While Jesse did release a few more tickets, she realized what she had to do…open up a second date for another fun Dishcrawl experience.  The new date is Tuesday, May 7, starts at 7, and is still just $45.  Get your tickets by following this link to the Dishcrawl Greenwich site.

For more specifics about the event, please check out our previous post about their opening, but we’ll give you some basics:

  1. You’ll hit up four restaurants
  2. You won’t know where you’re starting your Dishcrawl journey until 48 hours before the event
  3. You’ll meet restaurant owners and chefs
  4. You’ll try fun, exciting, and adventurous dishes that exemplify the restaurant and chef
  5. You’ll meet some great people
  6. You’ll walk from restaurant to restaurant so that qualifies as your exercise from the day.

Congrats again to Dishcrawl Greenwich and Jesse!  We’ll see you there!

Yours in noming,

Dan and Kristien


Tour the Whiskies of the World with BevMax and Kumo of Stamford

27 Mar
Like whiskey?
Okay, that was a stupid question.
Of course ya do.  You read our blog, so you must be sophisticated like us and enjoy a fine whiskey.  Now, we’re not going to get into the whole neat/on the rocks bit.  That’s a battle we’re not willing to fight today.

But, one thing we are willing to do is let you know about the second Whiskey Club meeting (Whiskies of the World), put together by BevMax of Stamford.  You’ll meet at Kumo Restaurant (850-860 East Main Street) at 7 pm.  Tickets are just $25 per person or $30 at the door. Buy them at BevMax:  835 East Main Street.  Because there are only 35 seats available, it’s strongly advised that you buy your tickets in advance…plus they’re cheaper, duh.

Here’s why you need to get to the Whiskey Club:

Eight whiskies from around the world will be tasted and paired with food, including Knob Creek Rye 100 from the Good Ol’ United States, Yamazaki Malt 12 yr. from Japan, Amrut from India, and Glenmorangie Nectar D’or from Scotland, and four more!

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Chili Challenge for a Cause Heats up Branford

22 Feb



It’s a scientifically proven fact that chili makes the world a better place.  In the case of Branford, that’s even more true.  Chili is bringing the community together with the first annual Chili Challenge for a Cause event.  Restaurant owners, chefs, organizations, and locals are all putting together their killer concoctions in hope of winning the title of “Best Chili in Branford” but also getting some serious dough for their own charity.  Susan at the Chamber of Commerce told us that she can still add some chefs to the contest, so if you’re in, e-mail her.

On March 23 from noon to 3 pm you need to hit up Branford Green on Main Street to be a part of the action.  For $10 you’ll get a wristband that lets you taste as much chili as you can take.  You’ll also be given a ballot which you’ll use to vote in your favorite chili!

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Art Greenwich, May 24-28: Food, Drinks, Music, + Art on a Megayacht…Awesome!

21 May

Ever wonder why Andy Samberg from SNL and Lonely Island sang, “I’m on a Boat“?  After you’ve hit up Art Greenwich from May 24-28, you might have a similar experience and feeling.  Now, you might not be rocking a nautical-themed pashmina, but there’s lots to check out on SeaFair.  Check it:  a 228 foot megayacht that will be docked at 500 Steamboat road at Delamar Greenwich Harbor.  Fill that boat up with seemingly endless works of art, music, music, food, and entertainment and you’ve got a great (and inexpensive) way to spend your Memorial Day weekend.

Here’s a breakdown of the events taken from ExpoShips.com to help you to pick when you’d like to hop aboard this boat and go all nautical:


One Day Tickets:  $15 online | $20 at the door
•One day ticket is valid any one day, Friday through Monday. Not valid for the preview evening Thursday, March 24th.

Priority Tickets:  $25 online | $30 at the door
• Collectors’ Invitational May 24 from 7:30 pm-10 pm
• Return admission during daily fair hours
• Priority boarding (no waiting in line)


6 pm – 7:30 pm:  First View in honor of the Greenwich Arts Council (by invitation only)

7:30 pm – 10 pm: Collectors Invitational (admission with priority ticket)

8:30 pm:  “Convergence and the Maria Esneda Rhetoric”
The noted Greenwich dealer, artist and entrepreneur, Fernando Luis Alvarez has created a truly multi-disciplinary playground for audiences through his performance piece “Convergence”. Through a collaborative of music, dance and painting, Alvarez demonstrates a theatrical portrayal of his transition from business executive to full-time artist and entrepreneur. Alvarez will delight attendees with this special performance opening night.


11 am-9 pm:  Exhibit Hours | Sky deck open til 10 pm

1:30 pm-2:30 pm:  “Artful Living: Incorporating Functional Art into Rooms of all Periods” by Pamela Hughes, Hughes Design Associates

3-4 pm:  Aperture will present a talk with W. M. HUNT, curator, collector,consultant, teacher, fundraiser, and author of the new Aperture book “The Unseen Eye: Photographs from the Unconscious”. Join Bill, who is known for his wit and larger-than-life personality, for an entertaining presentation on the art of collecting. His book, The Unseen Eye: Photographs from the Unconscious, presents a wonderfully idiosyncratic and compelling collection of photographs assembled around a particular theme: magical, heart-stopping images of people in which the eyes are obscured, veiled, or otherwise hidden.The gaze of the subject is averted. The pictures are characterized by what, at first glance, its subjects conceal, not by what the camera reveals.


11 am-9 pm Exhibit Hours | Sky deck open til 10pm

11 am-10 pm:  Party on the Harbor:  Enjoy the great entertainment lineup from our sky deck as the Greenwich Town Party broadcasts the concert performances to boaters in the harbor. Full bar and tapas style menu will be served. Note: Limited seating available on first come, first served basis with fair admission.

Noon-3 pm:  Champagne Exotica: Enjoy a unique selection of international champagne cocktails.

Noon-3 pm:  The Ultimate Bloody Mary Bar on the sky deck.


11 am-7 pm: Exhibit Hours | Sky deck open til 10pm

1:30 pm-2:30 pm:  “America in the 20th Century: Realism v. Abstraction” presented by David Setford, Executive Director, The Hyde Collection, NY.

Noon-3 pm:  Champagne Exotica: Enjoy a unique selection of international champagne cocktails.

Noon-3 pm:  The Ultimate Bloody Mary Bar on the sky deck.


11 am-7 pm: Exhibit Hours

1:30 pm – 2:30 pm:  A 40 minute film “Before They Were Famous: Behind the Lens of William John Kennedy” with an introduction by Vincent Harrison presented by the Kiwi Arts Group is scheduled on Monday, May 28th at 1:30 pm. The film chronicles the journey taken by Kennedy’s Warhol and Indiana photographs from the early 1960s to the present. The documentary, full of personal anecdotes and remembrances by many of the principals of the story, includes appearances by Robert Indiana; Warhol Superstar and bestselling author Ultra Violet; and poet/performer Taylor Mead as they view their images for the first time.
In addition to the fun drink and tasting events, the Sky Deck Bar360, Bistro360, LuxeLounge, and International Coffee Bar are open serving up cocktails, light food, coffee/espresso, and sweets.
See rare works of art from Joan Miro, Francis Bacon, Marc Chagall, and Henry Moore, as well as works from Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, and Jim Dine.  This (and more) is in addition to the exhibits that are listed above.

Three Hopeful Locals Compete to Be the Next MasterChef on FOX!

9 May

An attorney, a pilot, and a homemaker from our area compete in MasterChef Season 3 (pic from MasterChef site)

MasterChef is a blast to watch.  100 people from all walks of life compete with each other, week after week, in hopes of becoming the next MasterChef.  Kristien and I have faithfully watched both seasons and we’re super excited for the third season.  Chefs must learn skills or cook with specific ingredients, then they are judged by Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich, and Graham Elliot.  We’d probably both pee our pants if faced with being criticized by the judges, so we’ve gotta give major props to all the contestants.

Things are hitting close to home this time around, though.  For Season 3 of MasterChef we have two Connecticut chefs and one Westchester chef that beat out 29,900 people to hopefully win the $250,000 prize:

Jason “MaurPowerFoodie” Maur:  attorney and food blogger extraordinaire from Monroe, CT

Arnaud Bourgeois:  a pilot/captain from Woodbury, CT

Kim Maloof:  a homemaker from Katonah, NY

Starting watching the season premiere on 6/4/12 at 9 pm that continues on 6/5/12 at 9 pm, also.  Root, root, root for the home team!  We hope the judges go pretty easy on them and that they kick it seriously.  The final 18 contestants will be revealed on June 11.

Here are all 100 contestants (via TVbytheNumbers):

  Mesa Anis “Nino” Jabbes Server
  Page Renee Berthiaume Office Manager
    Laura Frederick Retired Teacher
    Hollie Schoppman Convenience Store Owner
    Dwayne Slate Repossession Agent
    Nicholas Smith Marine Mechanic
  Phoenix Preethy Kaibara Family Physician & Attorney
  Scottsdale Jason Clouse Contractor
  Apple Valley Stacey Amagrande Farmer’s Market Manager
  Bakersfield Gregg McDonnell IT Manager
  Brentwood Justin Weiss Business Analyst
  Cluco Vanessa Larsen Hair Stylist
  Corona Taylor Wilder Sales Associate
  Hidden Hills Carrie Portman Senior Real Estate Account Executive
  Hollywood Felix Fang Food Runner
  Encino Melanie Lowry Account Executive
  Laguna Niguel Jeff Cohen Wealth Manager
  Los Angeles Monti Carlo Homemaker
    Trevor Janus Composer
    Patti Negri Witch
  Northridge Regan Forston Ventriloquist
  Playa Del Rey Becky Reams Food Photographer
  San Francisco Laurence “Larry” Hing Lawyer
  Santa Monica Craig Victor Call Center Assistant
  Studio City Victoria Redstall Author
    Kelly Ryan Professional Speaker
  Westminster Barry “Bear”  Plunkett Software Sales Executive
  Monroe Jason Maur Attorney
  Woodbury Arnaud Bourgeois Pilot/Captain
  Newark Tianna Wood Inventory Control Specialist
  Aventura Ladda Cooper Restaurant Co-Owner
  Boyton Beach Thomas Wright Criminal Lawyer
  Davie David Mack Caviar Sales Director
  Deerfield Beach Penny Suzuki Firefighter and Paramedic
  Jacksonville Sonya Welch Administrative Assistant
  Miami Samantha de Silva Design Consultant
    Jordan Fein Credit Services Director of Operations
    Zelick Gimelstein Musician
    Dolores Royale Real Estate Investor
    Charles Vidales Interior Designer
  Miramar Joel Ringrose U.S. Army Station Commander
  Palm Beach Gardens Kate D’Hondt Bartender
  West Palm Beach Andrew Rosenthal Plastic Surgeon
  Blackshear Bubba Strickland Singer
  Marietta Lindsay Tarquinio Non-Profit Co-Founder
  Powder Springs Mike Hill Contractor
  Rowell Bobby Manheim Primate Therapy for Special Needs Children (Monkey Doctor)
  Savannah Alysha Augustus Homemaker
  Chicago Tali Clavijo Musician
    Vladimir Giuliano Djurkovic Assistant Manager
    Aleithea Ellis Student
    Greg Tomaras Field Service Engineer
    Elisa Veal Administrative Assistant
  Glencoe David Martinez Educational Administrator
  Stilwell Becky Reams Food Photographer
  New Orleans Heber Dunaway Music Teacher
  Cohasset Julie Mitterando Emergency Physician
  Boston AJ Rossi Director of Sales (Antiques and Fine Art Magazine)
    Anna Rossi Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
  Fall River Adam Camacho Mechanical Engineer
  Nantucket Pete Nevers Carpenter
  Baldwin Helene Leeds Health Coach
  Baltimore Elizabeth Etzel Real Estate Agent
  Bethesda Amy Holmwood President of Life Insurance Company
  Silver Spring Kaimana Chee Director of IT Training
  Windsor Mill Sherine Taylor Benefits Counselor
  Ada James Lee Retired Police Officer
  Royal Oak Brian Kho Business Student
  Biloxi Michelle Gollott Food Services Sales Consultant
  Jackson Joshua Marks Contract Specialist for US Army
New Jersey    
  Florham Park Samantha McNulty High School Student
  Manahawkin Jessika Morgan Nutrition Sales
  West Orange Nandini Anant Homemaker
New York
  Astoria Luca Manfe Restaurant Manager
  Brooklyn Raiza Costa Artist
    Jack Hazan Children’s Wear Assistant
  Earlville Gabe Fowler Journalism Student
  Harlem Courtney Carey Professional Opera Singer
  Holtsville Frank Mirando Stock Broker
  Katonah Kim Maloof Homemaker
  Levittown Al Matousek Teaching Assistant
  Long Beach Alessio Vella Sales Manager
  New York City Ryan Umane Unemployed
    Nichelle Wright Dancer
  Woodside Michael Petroff School Aide
  Cincinnati Krystal Mandap Food Sales Representative
  Clackamas Josue del Castillo Rios On-Air Radio Personality
  Portland Jessica Glenn Book Publicist
Rhode Island    
  Cranston Cheryl Manzi Admissions Representative
  Austin Michael Chen Meteorology Student
    Tanya Noble Student and Hospitality Assistant
  Dallas Rami Rassas Used Car Salesman
  Frisco Audrey McGinnis Homemaker
  Houston Christine Ha Graduate Student
  Annandale Scott Little Interactive Producer
  Arlington Matthew Duffy IT Manager
    Joe Maiellano Political Consultant
  Kirkland Shami Marangwanda Recruiter
  Seattle Jaeger Stoltz Hair Stylist
  Sun Prairie Derek Distin Medical Device Sales Representative


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