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Allan Karl’s Forks: Documenting His Travels + Meals Through 35 Countries and 5 Continents

23 Sep

Siddhartha had it all at one point in his life. He had the women, he had plenty of money, he had royalty, but he lacked something…an itching, aching feeling that he couldn’t quite exactly place. Something was missing. One day, though, he had a gross realization that led him from the palace walls to the outside world. While it was a struggle and a growing process after he got ride of all of his possessions, things soon changed when he reached his moment of enlightenment while sitting deep in mediation under the Bodhi tree. From there he would go on to teach thousands of followers his ways that now lives on as Buddhism with millions of believers across the world.

There are no strangers Forks by Allan Karl

All pictures by Allan Karl from Forks.

And, while most people we encounter today would never give up everything in search of themselves and inner peace, there is something freeing and liberating about the act. Just ask Allan Karl, a Californian from Connecticut who was at a crossroads in his life…you might even say it was a fork in the road. He had recently lost his job and his marriage had just ended, so he did like Yogi Bera suggests:  “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

And he did. He sold everything he owned and took his custom-fit BMW motorcycle on the road. But, his trip differed just a tad bit from one that you or I might take. He started in Newport Beach, California, went through Oregon, then kept driving north.  Eventually after three years of biking, Allan had traveled through 35 different countries in five different continents, traveled over 60,000 miles, and downed thousands of meals. “I think the hardest part is just understanding,” Allan shared with us regarding taking his trip. “Some people in their minds will constantly find reasons why they can’t do something. So, my recommendation is that you need to realize that you can. Take advantage of the opportunities that you have.”

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