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Rad, Dude: Pizza Surf Club First Bites and Drinks – Stamford, CT

17 Apr

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Update: We visited Pizza Surf Club this past Sunday and need to update our original post. First of all, drinks were hit or miss. The Mousse Juice was still great, but the Margaritas were either weak like water or had too much bite from cheap-tasting tequila. The food portion of the Pizza Surf Club was even more disappointing, with only square pies being brought around sporadically. And, while the pizza was okay, it certainly wasn’t up to the same standard as other Fortina pizza. We wondered where all that other great and fun food was that they put on display opening day. We were also a bit disappointed with the bar service. One bartender, in particular, was slow and came off as rude and unconcerned. At other times, we received the wrong drinks, getting a Margarita instead of a Motorino. Last of all, and certainly not under the control of Pizza Surf Club, but the whole deck had a college frat-party kind of vibe with people spilling drinks, sloppy drunk, and doing shots. We can’t say that we recommend going to Pizza Surf Club anymore, but we do still think that Fortina downstairs is great and worth a visit. 

Cowabunga, dudes, Pizza Surf Club opened yesterday above Fortina and we’ve got some deets on the drinks, the food, and what to expect. Think of this as an add-on to our post that broke the news and our tips on what to order.



Great views overlooking the park . . .


First of all, don’t get caught up in the riptide, walk up the stairs facing you when you enter Fortina, turn right, then climb up a second set of stairs. Hint: look for the bright neon graffiti stairwell, it’s pretty hard not to miss. Climb, observe the awesomeness of pizza graffiti, then you’re at Fortina’s rooftop deck AKA Pizza Surf Club. When you arrive, you’ll purchase some slick tix at $8 each (and the tip is built in). For the most part, 1 drink/food item = 1 ticket, so depending on how thirsty ya are or how hungry you be, purchase accordingly. You can always go back and buy more if you need to. 2 drink/food items include Mousse Juice, Motorino, Italian Ice, Prosecco and Popsicles, and funnel fries. Continue reading

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