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Farm to Pizza Tastings with Fat Cat Pie Co. and Fountainhead Wines @ Fodor Farm in Norwalk

10 Oct

Fodor Farm dinner plate

We’ve been to farm to table restaurants, we’ve eaten at farm to table events at farms, we’ve been to farmers’ markets, and we’ve eaten directly from the farm.  The thing that we haven’t done, though, is have a farm to pizza dinner on a farm.  Well, we’ll have our shot and so will you with the upcoming “Celebrate the Harvest” at the Fodor Farm Barn in Norwalk.  Just get your tickets (you can only purchase in advance) then stop by 10/21 from 3 – 6 pm for a wine and food tasting.  Your donation of $45 per person will not only help preserve the stunningly beautiful Fodor Farm homestead, but it will also help you to fill up on some awesome food.

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