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Slice of Saugatuck Festival: $5 for a big slice of food, wine, and fun in Westport

2 Sep

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Right by the water in Saugatuck you’ll find three streets that form a giant triangular “slice” of life for Westporters and Connecticuters.  Railroad Place is to the north, Riverside Avenue by the water is to the west, and Franklin Street is to the-wait for it…east.  Whether you want to go out for some food, check out the variety of wine, beer, and liquor, or find something exciting to do, this area of Westport isn’t lacking one bit.  And, to help you see this and to celebrate it we have the Second Annual Slice of Saugatuck!

You’ll be able to check it out on Saturday, 9/15 from noon to 3 pm by only paying a measly, tiny, incomprehensible $5 at one of the festival entrances.  Just think about it:  $5.  5$.  Five dollar entrance.  If you got that joke, you’re as lame as us, btw.  Well, what do you get in return for that $5?  First of all, you help to raise money for Homes for Hope/Gillespie Center Food Pantry. Secondly, to put it bluntly, your own little slice of heavenFree food samples, free wine and liquor samples, free live music, free rides on a kayak, learn how to fly fish, take a tour of their historical fire house, stock up on discounts/coupons, watch a Tae Kwon Do demonstration, check out all the local shops, and–yes–more.

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