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Free Chipotle burrito on 1/26, but there’s a catch . . .

9 Jan

Meatless Monday

We know people go crazy over the word free, so we figure that we’d letcha know about a deal going down at all Chipotles here in the US of A and our friendly neighbors up north. Check them out on Monday, 1/26, and order their tofu Sofritas and keep that receipt. All you need to do from there is bring that receipt back into any Chipotle from 1/27 until 2/28/15 and you’ll get a free burrito, bowl, salad, or even tacos.

Chipotle describes their Sofritas as, “Organic tofu from Hodo Soy that we shred and then braise with chipotle chilis, roasted poblanos, and a blend of aromatic spices. The result is a delicious, spicy tofu that will give vegans and carnivores something they both will love.”

Hey, don’t knock it ’till ya tried it. 

Total Eclisse of the Heart: Re-Grand Opening Party Including Free Food

13 Nov


Admit it, you clicked on this just because we said “free food.” Well, good, we got ya! Now that you’re here we need to tell you about Eclisse in Stamford. They’ve been around for 20 years and have been one of the main-stays on Canal Street when there wasn’t much else there (now there’s Fairway, Dinosaur, Harlan Social, and more). About a year ago, they changed things up and introduced the Tango Grill, mixing in Argentinian food with Italian. While there were some favorable reviews of this Italian/Argentinian duo, it seems that people online were most happy with their straight forward, classic touches on Italian food.

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