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This Spud’s for You: The Tater Truck Eyeing to Roll into Stew Leonard’s

12 May
Giant Idaho Potato Tater Truck Tour

Coming to Stew’s in Norwalk! Pic from http://bigidahopotato.com

Recently on the 5th grade Connecticut State Math Test, we saw this question:  

If you take a handcrafted Idaho potato that is 12 feet wide, 13 feet tall, and 72 feet long, what would be the volume?  Once you find the volume, take into account that this potato is 12,000 pounds and calculate (round up if necessary) how many people this potato can feed in one day.  Take into consideration that the average person eats 1 1/2 pounds of potatoes a day.  Show all of your work.  

Unfortunately, it was reported that a vast majority of students got this question wrong, making the state rethink this question…thanks a bunch Common Core!  While we don’t even know the answer ourselves, we do have some stats to share from a recent press release about this giant Idaho Potato that will be stopping by Stew Leonard’s Norwalk on May 31 from 11-4 pm:  

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