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Leafline Salad Co. in Greenwich Offering Free Lunch to Kick off a Healthy 2014

7 Jan

Leafline Salad Co. Logo

Leafline Salad Company, now opened for six months in Downtown Greenwich, wants you to have a healthy start to 2014. On 1/15, they’ll be offering up their chef inspired or seasonal salads, wraps, and quinoa bowls for free from 12-3 pm.  Just stop by and let them know about this offer…and you could tell them you heard about it from us, too. We’d love ya.  Limit one per customer, don’t be greedy now. ;)

Now, a little about Leafline Salad Co.…it’s owned by Robert Kessner who set up shop in downtown Greenwich because he was frustrated in finding options to eat that would fit his new dietary needs.  And, what resulted was a menu of salads, wraps, quinoa bowls, soups, juices, and snacks that were not only good for ya, but also provided for people living gluten-free, dairy free, and even vegan lives.  Robert and crew make all their salads right at the restaurant and also do the same with their dressings.  Plus, they keep their ingredients natural, wholesome, and as local as possible.  

So, you’re probably wondering what you’ll order…well, here are some of the standout housemade options (these can be salads, wraps, or quinoa bowls):

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Step on the brakes for this delicioso Venezuelan spot! Masas Resturant – Norwalk, CT

10 May

A plethora of fresh juice and arepas

Pretty much everyone in Fairfield County knows they can find great Venezuelan food at Valencia Luncheria, but we bet most of you have driven right on by another Venezuelan hidden gem in Norwalk 100x and never thought twice about it. Well, we’re here to tell you next time you drive by 330 Westport Avenue (past Penzey’s and before the Marshalls/Staples plaza), slam on your brakes (safely of course friends),  turn into the Masas Restaurant parking lot and go get you some super yummy Venezuelan grub. Do it. You’ll thank us, then curse us when you’re addicted and have arepa withdrawl at 3AM on a random Friday night. Yeah, sorry about that.

A veg option here at Masas

So what makes Masas Restaurant so epic? Well, for one, it’s cheap, really cheap. It’s authentic–the family that owns it is straight from Venezuela. It’s fresh–every thing is cooked from scratch to order (so be prepared to wait, it’s an affordable casual restaurant, not fast food). And, it’s frickin’ tasty. Like, so tasty I actually like the arepas better than Valencia. SAY WHAT? Yeah I know, it was hard for me to even type that. Don’t worry, I am still madly in love with Valencia for their arepas and their other dishes too. There’s room in my belly, er, heart, for both places.

Ok, here’s the breakdown of what we tried. To caveat this, we only had the arepas so far, actually only 3 of their huge variety! So when we say it’s epic, we really mean the areaps are epic. We hear the rest of their menu rocks too (they get great reviews across the board) but we’ll have to go back for the other dishes to confirm. See how we sacrifice for you? teehee

Arepa patties

The Pernil arepa! Yum!

The patties are what made Masas’ arepas the best I ever had. Made of cornmeal, the patties were lightly crisp and brown on the outside and oh-so-ridiculously-gooey and doughy on the inside. Many times restaurants overcook the patties making them a bit dry or too crisp, but not these bad boys. They melt in your mouth.

Pernil and Cheese Arepa 

HOLY CRAP! This was by far the best arepa we’ve ever had. Man, my stomach just growled as I thought of it. Pernil is roasted pork, or in other words, soft, tender, flavorful, amazing pork with garlic, olive oil, oregano and black pepper. Words cannot describe how tasty it is. Put some cold, yellow cheese on top and it’s the perfect arepa. This is a MUST TRY!

Pabelon Arepa

The Pernil arepa! Yum!

This was another tasty delight consisting of seasoned pork, black beans and sweet plantains. The pork was not as jam packed full of flavor like the Pernil but it was still great. It was nicely cooked and tender with a subtle seasoning that balanced well with the texture and flavor of the black beans. Our only disappointment with this one was there was either not enough plantains on it, or they forgot to put them in because we didn’t taste them. Maybe next time.

Vegetarian Arepa

We figured we had to balance out our meat fest with an all veggie one. This arepa came with avocado, tomatoes, onions and white and yellow cheese. It was a tad on the bland side because, well, the ingredients were bland. It’s not their fault. If you’re a vegetarian, we suggest getting this with beans so you get some strong flavor in there. Of course, the patties were good and we doused them with sauce so it ended up being yummy anyway.

We also must tell you about the wonderful drinks we washed this all down.  They have a ginormous variety of fresh juices and blended iced/frozen juices. Being a sucker for fresh juice, I went for mango, my favorite. Mmm. Danny went for the brown sugar cane and lime juice drink that came free when you buy 3 arepas. He also enjoyed it very much saying it was very refreshing.

Next time we hit up Masas Restaurant, we’ll be sure to try some different dishes (though the arepas will be hard to resist) and let you know how they are. If you’ve been here and tried other dishes, we’d love to hear your feedback. And, if you haven’t been to Masas yet, get on that sheeot pronto!

Masas Restaurant

Noms: 4 (for the arepas only as of now)

Cost: $

Address:  330 Westport Avenue

Norwalk, CT

Phone: (203) 939-1113

Masas Arepera Restaurant on Urbanspoon

A “Mishmash” of French Food, Fresh Ingredients, and Juicy Awesomeness. Meli-melo- Greenwich, CT

11 Jun

Kristien’s parents came down from Upstate NY to visit during the Memorial Day weekend.  We always feel so much pressure to take them to the best of the best restaurants, you know?  For breakfast we’ve taken them to so many diners before and other American spots, but never to a French restaurant…and certainly not to a creperie! Well, Méli-Mélo has been in our sites for a long time, so it was ’bout time to do some eating!

As you enter, you can see the place is hopping and there’s plenty of room for people to sit.  We were given a nice round table by the AC (hell yes, ‘cuz it was hot) and were given the menu.  Oh, the menu, always a dilemma,  but worse here because the menu is a meli-melo (mishmash in French) of amazing tastes and ingredients.  We knew, at least, we wanted coffee and some freshly made juice to start.

The coffee was black and strong:  just the way we like it!  The juices are made right at the kitchen counter, so you can see how fresh the ingredients are.  Even the list of juices can be overwhelming.  I had ginger/orange/pineapple.  The ginger gave it a nice kick and brought a foaminess, while the orange and pineapple gave it a nice sweetness.  The good thing here is that they don’t add sugar and fake stuff into their juices. The flavors really pop because of this.

The crepes were even more challenging to order because there are different types like Wheat, Buckwheat, and Flambees.   Also, multiply that by all the different ingredients inside each crepe and you’ve got 49 different orders (yes, I counted).  Also, if you check Foursquare for tips, some customers have even left their own favorite custom orders.  There are also homemade soups, salads, and sandwiches available, too.  Damn, I’d hate to be a waiter here…too much to keep track of!

Well, enough talk,  Let’s get down to business.  I had the Sopressata Crepe.  A fluffy pillowy crepe, full of flavor, lays down on the plate, ready for you, calling to you.  On top is a teepee of mozzarella, capers, cured olives, mesclun salad, dried cured meat, and dressing.  All the flavors worked very well together and made for great contrasts.  The olives and capers, for example, drew on the light and fresh dressing.  This crepe was great and I would order it again and savor it again, over and over, bit by bit.

Kristien’s Ciabatta Sandwich was also a brunchy treat with a nice serving of ooey-gooey, soft brie, mesclun salad, juicy tomatoes, roasted red peppers in a fresh-baked doughy ciabatta bun, topped with crispy bacon. Kristien (and her mom) really enjoyed this sandwich, though Kristien would’ve liked just a little more dressing. Otherwise, she said it was perfect.

The final word on Méli-Mélo is that there’s lots of return visit value here.  You could, theoretically, come back here for a few months straight and try something new every time…or you could just keep ordering Sopresatta Crepes.  Even cooler?  Méli-Mélo will soon be opening for breakfast from 6:30-11:30!

Noms:  3.75

Cost:  $$ (Expensive for breakfast, but not too bad)

Address:  362 Greenwich Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830
Phone:  (203) 629-6153
Site:  http://www.melimelogreenwich.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/MeliMeloCrepes
Meli-Melo on Urbanspoon
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