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La Pizza Fritta: New Food Truck in Stamford Serving up Italian Street Fare

31 Jul

Stamford’s newest food truck, La Pizza Fritta! All photo from their Facebook page.

Matt and Liz Terenzio were at their yearly family picnic which consisted of five families and about 200 people.  Year after year, the favorite food at the picnics was the Italian classic:  pizza fritta.  If you’re wondering, that’s simply means fried pizza.  But, look, we know that fried pizza might seem simple but it’s one of the best things in the entire world.  They thought about it for a while and decided that this would be a perfect thing to build a food truck around.  And now we have La Pizza Fritta, Stamford’s newest food truck run by Matt, Liz, and other family members!

The Plain Fritta…om nom nom.

Although they only started recently, they already have a big fan base and have almost 300 likes on Facebook…more than people at their family picnic!  Right now they’re stationed on Bell Street and the plan is to find a permanent spot somewhere in Stamford.  Staying in Stamford is ideal for them because Matt’s uncle had a few clubs in the downtown area that served up family style Italian food and they want to keep their ties to the community alive.

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