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Answered Prayers: Garden Catering in Norwalk Opening Next Week…with a “Special” Surprise!

19 Jul

You ready for this? Photo by Chris Ramirez

The Good News

Norwalk:  you’ve been good boys and girls and you’ve been saying your prayers.  Now, it’s time to get your reward:  a Garden Catering of your own.  Yes, on 7/24 (this Tuesday) Garden Catering will be open at 314 Westport Avenue in Norwalk!  You know that you’ve been jealous and have often snuck into Old Greenwich, Greenwich, or Stamford just for your nuggets, fries, and cone fix.  Or, you might have even hit them up in Port Chester or Mamaroneck if you were nearby.  So, Norwalk, rejoice, your prayers to the nugget gods have been answered!

The Food 

The menu has been trimmed down a bit, just like the Fairfield location.  All your favorites are still on the menu, though.  You’ll be able to have breakfast all the live long day.  You’ll also have some of the greatest things on the earth…The World Famous Specials!  Remember that you can order the specials with either fries, cones, onion rings, mushrooms, zucchini, or with cones and fries.  We recommend cones and fries together!  Here’s a breakdown if you’re a noob or need a refresher course:

THE SPECIAL: 1/2 lb. of 100% white meat chicken nuggets and a portion of fries deep-fried to perfection.  It comes with a free soda or water.  $7

Junior Special –  This is the smaller version of The Special that comes with 1/4 lb. of chicken nuggets and your choice of side.  Remember your free soda or water.  $5

Big Boy Special – Add a 1/4 lb. of chicken to a Special and make it a Big Boy! Comes with an extra portion of Fries & FREE soda or Poland Spring Water.  OmNomivore approved.   9.00

The Boss Special -Don’t try this one alone! A full pound of our famous chicken nuggets with an extra portion of Fries & FREE soda 11.00

Homerun Special -Add chili and cheese to any of the Specials and make it a HOMERUN for only $1.00 more!

Yes, they have wraps too! Photo by Chris Ramirez

So, as you order, make sure that you ask for the seasoning and you get one of the 9 dipping sauces.  Then again, the actually real meat chicken nuggets and fries are usually just great enough by themselves.  There are also other options for you like wraps and salads, so there’s really something for everybody at their new store.

The Restaurant and Community Ties

Although there is limited seating at the Norwalk location, there is a nice counter where you can watch all the action on Westport Avenue.  Yup yup.  New to this location is a wall that will tell hungry eaters all about Garden Catering, its beliefs, and all the great things that they do for the community.  Already, Frank Carpenteri Jr. (who runs GC with his dad Frank Sr. and his sister Tina) and staff have gone around town, handing out gift certificates to lucky people and businesses.  Also, there are already some amazing things in the works for Norwalk.  Garden Catering plans to help out the local schools and The Carver Center.  That’s just how they roll.

A “Special” Surprise on the Way!

To celebrate their opening in Norwalk, Garden Catering is telling all their die hard fans to watch their Facebook page and their Twitter feed.  On Monday, a day before opening, they’ll be announcing a “Special” surprise.  ;)  Don’t ask us what it is…it’s super secret.  You’ll just need to wait and see. :)

Last Thoughts

We love the great things that Garden Catering does for the community.  They also set up a great fundraiser for one of our Facebook friends, James Lacerenza and his cause:  Muscular Dystrophy.  Another thing we love?  Nugget Points!  Don’t forget to sign up so you can earn special rewards like a $10 gift certificate, a free Big Boy Special, a Garden Catering shirt, or even a Garden Catering tie.  We wish Garden Catering lots of luck in their new location, but they won’t need it.  With World Famous Specials like this, there is no need for luck.

Thanks to Frank Jr. for letting us make this awesome announcement!


2074 Black Rock Turnpike
Fairfield, CT 06825
Phone: 203-870-8444
177 Hamilton Avenue
Greenwich, CT 06830
Phone: 203-422-2555
Old Greenwich
185 1/2 Sound Beach Avenue
Old Greenwich, CT 06870
Phone: 203-637-7699
235 Main Street
Stamford, CT 06902 (Next to Bobby Valentine’s)
Phone: 203-487-0333
315A Mamaroneck Avenue
Mamaroneck, NY 10543
Phone: 914-381-4800
Port Chester
140 Midland Avenue
Port Chester, NY 10573
Phone: 914-934-7852
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