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Paired Founders Brewing Dinner @ Mill Street Bar + Table (Yes, There’ll Be KBS)

3 Jun

One of our favorite new restaurants in Fairfield County comes from the creative mind of Chef Geoff Lazlo: Mill Street Bar & Table. It’s located just a short hop skip and a jump away from where we’re living and is nestled close by the Greenwich/PoCho border. And, it’s no stranger to anyone who’s been reading our blog, as we’ve given it an exclusive preview before opening, a full-out pigged-out review, and named it Best Burger and Best New American in the 2015 OmNomy Awards.
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An Inside Look @ Chef Geoff Lazlo’s Mill Street Bar + Table

9 Sep

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Mill Street is now open and here’s our review of a fantastic meal.

This past Saturday was one of those beautiful late summer days that you look forward to. You know that kind of day where it’s not too hot and everything in the world feels just right? Yeah, well, that feeling kept up as Dan walked down a beautiful, lush alley in the Byram neighborhood of Greenwich leading to Mill Street Bar & Table’s garden and outdoor seating. Entering the restaurant, he was amazed at the change from the last time we were there when the restaurant was Rouge. Whereas Rouge was dark, romantic, and kind of extravagant, Mill Street is bright, rustic, organic, SoHo vibeish, and welcoming. Continue reading

Hardcore Locavore Fork It Over Dining Series this Sunday ft. Matt Storch, Arik Bensimon, Jamie Cooper + Geoff Lazlo

20 Jul

Westport Farmers' Market poster_summer15

Seasons change. The Earth tumbles ahead through fall, winter, spring, then summer. And, as the seasons change, so does the fruit and veggies that pop up magically from farm fields. Some get sold at the farm, some make their way to restaurants, and some are brought to many of the farmers’ markets that dot Connecticut now more than ever. And, at one of the markets, there’s a palpable energy, a strong core of farmers, restaurateurs, chefs, business owners, and freshconscious consumers. We are speaking of Westport Farmers’ Market, of course, founded by Paul Newman and Chef Michel Nischan.

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What’s Up Doc? Carrot Recipe Contest at Westport Farmer’s Market

16 Feb

Carrots on a scale

Caucus carota.

Oh, that just sounds dirty.  Well, kinda dirty…if you consider digging into the ground and popping up carrots.  Yes, caucus carota, the carrot, is a thing of beauty to many and the root (hahah punny) of scorn for others.  But, we’re sharing this post with the carrot lovers of the world, so carotaphobiacs may run away in fear.

Okay, still with us?  Cool.  Maybe you love carrots so much that you can think of a million dishes to make with them:  carrot cakes, carrot muffins, carrot bread, carrot bread pudding, fried carrots, deep-fried carrots, grilled carrots, boiled carrots, honey boiled carrots, pickled carrots, carrot stew, or maybe even a fancy carrot juice?  Well, that’s not a million, but we’re honestly out of ideas.  But, maybe you aren’t!  If so, why not enter Westport Farmers’ Market‘s Carrot Recipe Contest?  Here are all the deets for you:

  • E-mail Lori Cochran-Dougall by February 19 (spots going fast)
  • Get carrots from a local farm (make sure to label your dish with which farm the carrots are from)
    • Create a dish that highlights the amazing β-caroteneness of the carrot
  • Bring your dish to Westport Farmers’ Market by 10:30 on 2/23
    • The contest begins at 11 am
  • The awesome chefs Matt Storch from Match and Chelsea and Geoff Lazlo from LeFarm will be your judges!
    • They will announce the winners at noon!

Westport Farmers’ Market

Carrot Recipe Contest

2/23/13 at 11 am

7 Sylvan Lane 

Westport, CT (Their winter location @ Gilbertie’s Herb Garden)

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