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Buy gw Beer, made by George Washington himself, well, kinda…

20 Jun

George Washington was a founding father of America, but did you also know he was a master brewer?  No wonder he became the first president!  Believe it or not, one of his 1757 recipes survived in a journal that is kept in the NY Library:

To Make Small Beer

Take a large [sifter] full of bran hops to your taste. — Boil these 3 hours then strain out 30 [gallons] into a cooler put in 3 [gallons] molasses while the beer is scalding hot or rather draw the molasses into the cooler & [strain] the beer on it while boiling hot. Let this stand till it is little more than blood warm then put in a quart of [yeast] if the weather is very cold cover it over with a [blanket] & let it work in the cooler 24 hours then put it into the cask — leave the bung open till it is almost [done] working — Bottle it that day week it was brewed.”

You can take a couple of things away from this recipe.  1)  How did George Washington know the temperature of blood?  2) George Washington is BEAST!  So, what’s the history lesson for, you ask?  See, we were in search of a new brewply (supply of brews) at Bev Max in Stamford, when staring at us and beckoning us to it was a 6 pack of gw Beer.  Based on gw Beer tweets, we also know the small beer is available at Harry’s in FairfieldUnfortunately, we don’t see a list of other places to buy.  We’ll see what we can find, though, and when we do, we’ll update this for you.  You can now buy his beer at 260 different locations all across Connecticut. Every bottle is brewed in Pawcatuck, CT…keeping it local.

Now, onto the beer itself, from gw Beer:

Crafted lighter and smoother gw Beer bridges heritage and contemporary taste. Micro brewed for the mainstream, gw Beer is a golden amber American Pale Ale, lightly malty, with a smooth balance of toasted caramel and American hop flavor and aroma, creating a beer with high drinkability.

International Bittering Units:  10 IBU
Alcohol By Volume:  5.1% ABV

OmNomCT cannot tell a lie, we liked gw Beer.  It’s light, goes down easy, and is refreshing.  Now, if we could only take out these damned wooden teeth to make the drinking easier.

Have you seen or tried gw Beer?  We’d like to know your thoughts.  Also, until July of 2012 there’s a fun contest going on where you could win $50 in beef!

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