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Spooky Hot: Ghost Wing Challenge at Little Pub, Ridgefield

17 Oct


You’ve seen the episodes of Man v. Food where Adam Richman attempts to take down massive plates of food.  Sometimes he is victorious, but sometimes the food wins…especially if it’s crazy hot.  Well, this coming weekend, why not show off and try to complete your own challenge?

We’re talking about the Third Annual Little Pub Ghost Wing Challenge at their Ridgefield location.  If you’re able to finish the plate of Ghost Wings, they’ll eat the cost, but if you’re too much of a wuss and can’t take it, you’ll be eating the cost…and you’ll be nursing some nasty heat burns.  Apparently these wings are so redonkulously spicy that the people in the kitchen wear gloves and goggles to protect themselves when preparing them.  They’ll also have Ghost Wing Challenge shirts available for purchase to prove just how sadistic you truly are.

Disclaimer:  OmNomCT takes no responsiblity if any of you go out to Little Pub, try these, and end up hurting yourselves.  When you try the challenge, please send us the pic on our FB page, tweet us, or Instagram us.  We’d love to see the pics.

Third Annual Little Pub Ghost Wing Challenge


59 Ethan Allen Highway

Ridgefield, CT

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