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The Whelk in Westport Tops GQ Magazine’s 50 Best Dishes of 2013 List

24 Jul

Yeah, you heard that right…The Whelk of Westport is at the top of the culinary heap with the recent publication of Alan Richman’s “The 50 Best Things to Eat and Drink Right Now”  and his 10 Trophy Dishes of 2013 in GQ.  As you scroll (or flip) through, you’ll see some amazing dishes, 50 of them to be exact.  So, for The Whelk to be singled out and to earn that top spot is no easy feat.  Congratulations!  The dish that wowed Alan Richman?  A seemingly simple dish, yet complex at the same time:  Green-Goddess Deviled Eggs.  Richman notes that he had deviled eggs all across the country, but The Whelk definitely made the best.  Here is what he has to say:

“This has been the breakout year for deviled eggs, forgotten except in southern and midwestern kitchens. I ate them across the country, but none came close to this complex and captivating variation: yolks mashed and mixed with a homemade green-goddess dressing (creamy, tangy, and once as beloved as ranch), then stuffed into egg-white halves. The dish gets better. The eggs are topped with two elements similar in texture but opposite in character—crunchy, sweet pickled onions and crunchy, sweet baconlike guanciale. Or you can have your deviled eggs with fried oysters on top. Both are right.”

To see the full list, check out “The 50 Best Things to Eat and Drink Right Now” via GQ and for more information on The Whelk, check out our review.

The Whelk
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