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Preview the Rustic Charm of Little Pub Greenwich, Soon to Open

13 Aug

Exterior of Little Pub Greenwich 

Around this time next week, you just might be at the bar, sipping some drinks outside, or enjoying the rustic charm of Little Pub Greenwich. Greenwich’s newest restaurant is the third in the LP series, including their Ridgefield and Wilton locations. When we broke the news about the opening back in November 2013, the reaction was out of control, so we can only imagine how successful they’ll be starting next week.

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Little Pub Opening Third Restaurant in Cos Cob, Greenwich

15 Nov
Artist’s rendering of Little Pub Greenwich, from FB page

Ridgefield got Little Pub in 2009.

Wilton got Little Pub in 2013.

And, damn right, Greenwich is getting Little Pub in 2014.

That’s right.  Little Pub is opening up its third location and has set its sights on Greenwich, more specifically Cos Cob.  Their new location will be located at 531 East Putnam Avenue, the former location of Fonda la Paloma.  We’re gonna miss saying “Fondle my Paloma” every time we pass it now, but that’s okay…Little Pub is coming in.

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Blackstones Steakhouse Opening Third Location in Greenwich on W. Putnam Ave.

19 Sep

Ugg.  Man, woman need steak.  Man, woman need red meat.  Man, woman need celebrate ‘cuz Blackstones Steakhouse is setting up shop in Greenwich.

Picture from Blackstones websiteYes meat lovers, the same Blackstones in Norwalk that has garnered a reputation as one of the best steakhouses in Connecticut.  Blackstones Greenwich will be located at 28 West Putnam Avenue, just two doors over from Barcelona.  The Greenwich location will be a bit smaller than their Norwalk location and will open near the middle of October, just about a month away.  This marks Blackstones’ third location with their Mt. Kisco location opening up this past March.

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Ultimate Adventurous Dining Experience Dishcrawl Expands into Greenwich

2 Apr

Back in January, we told you about Dishcrawl starting up in New Haven.   We’re very excited to share that the same awesome experience is coming to Fairfield County in Greenwich.   Here’s the premise:

  • You buy a ticket for a “Dishcrawl” of four restaurants
  • 48 hours before the event you find out where you’re meeting
  • The rest of the Dishcrawl will be a surprise!
    • If that’s too much to handle, follow @dishcrawlgre or check them on FB for little hints
  • You try dishes at each restaurant
    • If you’re vegetarian, let Jesse Leeds-Grant, the Greenwich Dishcrawl Ambassador know at jessel@dishcrawl.com
  • You get to talk with chefs and owners
  • You learn new fun things and meet great new people
  • You eat so well that you begin to crawl.

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Bambou Asian Tapas + Bar: Not Your Typical Sushi Spot – Greenwich, CT

13 Mar

A few years ago, before we started our blog, we tried Bambou Asian Tapas & Bar in Greenwich and really enjoyed it. Now only minutes away from where we live, we decided to head back and see if things were as good as we remember.

Just looking at the menu, we were excited because of the variety of flavors and choices. The decor, too, is pretty simple and zen…relaxing. So, let’s take you through our meal and show you why Bambou just might be your next stop for unique tapas and creative sushi.

Basket of various fried sweet potatoes

Basket of various fried sweet potatoes

Sweet Potato Tempura Fries with Honey Soy Dip

Awesome plating with a fry basket displaying the fries.  While the outside was crispy, the insides were raw and needed more cooking.  The dip added some sweetness and there was a slight tartness from the soy.  The darker fries were thicker and had a deeper kind of flavor. We probably wouldn’t get this again.

Perfect little dumplings

Perfect little dumplings

Veggie Dumplings

We got ours steamed, though you can get them fried if you’d like.  One of the things that we hate most about dumplings is how some Asian restaurants use a super thick, flour-y wrapper on the dumpling so all you taste is starch.  Well, they’ve got it down here at Bambou because they use nice, thin rice paper…just like they should.  Inside the dumpling were big chunks of veggies and the soy vinegar sauce for dipping was a bit tangy. Very good!

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Lazy Sunday “Blunch” at Mediterraneo in Greenwich, CT

7 Feb
Bellinis and margaritas...ah, the perfect way to start a lazy Sunday ;)

Bellinis and margaritas…ah, the perfect way to start a lazy Sunday ;)

For New Year’s Eve we were looking for a great place that was close to home and would be awesome. Years ago we had been to Terra, so we thought that Mediterraneo (in the same Z Hospitality Group) might be just as good. They had great reviews, so we made our reservations. While they didn’t have a special menu, they did have their regular menu of Mediterranean (and seafood focused) fare along with a few specials. We didn’t do a review because, well, it was New Years and even we could use a day off, but overall, we had a great meal so we definitely wanted to head back… for our OmNomivores of course!

We read in the Greenwich Time that they had Sunday brunch, but when we got there we were told that was a mistake and they’ve been trying to get them to change it for months. A little disappointed, we took a look at the menu and decided to make our own little “blunch” instead. Like what we did there? What better way to start blunch than with some light alcoholic beverages and coffee? Yes, uppers and downers joining as one. Gotta love blunch. Kristien had the Mediterraneo Bellini with flavorful peach purée and a splash of grenadine. The champagne was nice and dry, contrasting nicely with the sweetness of the peach. Dan had an amazing margarita (at noon? Sure!) made with passion fruit, Jose Cuervo Gold, and Grand Marnier. Each sip made us forget that it was 40 degrees outside. As for the coffee, it was strong, just how we like it.

grilled octopus salad with blood orange

grilled octopus salad with blood orange

Because it was blunch, we could order whatever the heck we wanted. Dan started with the grilled octopus and it seemed better than on New Year’s Eve. The octopus was cooked nicely, wasn’t tough, and had grill marks that added a smoky flavor. Executive Chef Albert DeAngelis and Chef du Cuisine Daniel Rivera contrasted that with bright, slightly sweet, and tart blood orange slices. Adding more contrast in taste and texture was thinly sliced fennel. Very well done.

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Reap Our First Tastes of Harvest: New American Farm to Table in Greenwich, CT

4 Feb

Mac and cheese can be pretty traditional everywhere you go. Sure, sometimes you might get a fun, surprise ingredient like truffle oil, lobster, bacon, or jalapeno, but usually it’s fairly safe. But, if you’re Harvest Wine Bar & Restaurant in Greenwich, safe and traditional aren’t even in their vocabulary. Instead, their EPIC baked mac and cheese is made from fresh, housemade cavatelli mixed with Cabot white cheddar, fontina cheese, and the pièce de résistance, a hearty amount of short ribs that have been braising in red wine all day, all topped with crispy, crunchy bread crumbs. This awesomeness set the tone for the night of the special pre-opening party!

Short rib mac + cheese

Short rib mac + cheese

During the night we met Vicente Siguenza, owner and manager of the amazing Cava, Scena, and 55 Wine Bar & Restaurant. And, we were geeked out to meet the man behind the food, Chef Eben Leonard. He came out with both our dishes and talked about how he prepared them and how they had evolved over time. Just the day before Eben and his sous chefs cooked every single dish on the menu and all the staff at the restaurant had to taste them. Our server that night said she was throwing the food down like a rock star at first, but then she soon realized the Herculean task set before her and took it a bit easier. The tasting is part of what sets Harvest aside from many other restaurants. They want the staff to know what they are bringing to the table and they want the staff to be able to help people order.

Talking a bit more about the menu, it’s divided up into a few parts that will have you coming back for more. Raw specials (like tartare), snacks and shares, starters, seconds, wood fire grilled steakhouse choices, sides, and desserts. If you’re a wine lover, you’ll be happy to know that they are staring with 120 bottles and will also have 30 different glasses of wine for your drinking pleasure. There are also some beer options, with Half Full taking up 2/3 drafts with their Bright Ale and IPA. Now, back to the food…

Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad

Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad

Kristien sank down into the short rib mac & cheese, and Dan ordered the shaved Brussels sprout salad, atop a parmesan risotto cake, sprinkled with truffle vinaigrette. When Chef Leonard spoke to us about the dish, we were surprised (and a bit scared) when he told us that the dish before us consisted of raw shredded Brussels sprouts. Raw? Regardless, Dan dug in and really loved the strong cheese flavor that was packed into the sprouts. There was really a great contrast going on there: the richness of the cheese paired with the earthy, slightly bitter taste of the sprouts. The risotto cake beneath had a crispy crust and added a nice solid crunch from the crispy crust. The inside probably could have used just a bit more cooking, but that didn’t stop Dan from devouring every last bite.

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Harvest Wine Bar + Restaurant Brings Modern American Farm-to-Table to Greenwich

24 Jan

Update:  Harvest is open and here’s our review!

The rows of plants seem to stretch on endlessly on harvest day.  Within a few hours, months worth of hard work and devotion will come to fruition as all the veggies and fruits are gathered.  Hundreds of fresh tomatoes, corn, apples, and more will soon hit up the farmers’ markets, the stores, that cute little stand set up in front of the farm, local restaurants, and will eventually end up right on your plate.

This is the kind of imagery that owner Vicente Siguenza and Chef Eben Leonard of Harvest Wine Bar & Restaurant want to convey.  If you’ve been following our blog, you might remember those names.  Yes, Vicente is one of the owners of the classic go-to spots that we know as Cava in New Canaan, Scena Wine Bar & Restaurant in Darien, and 55 Wine Bar & Restaurant in Fairfield (we wrote an article for CBS about all of them, too).  As for Eben, you might remember his work as chef at Scena.  While we have love for their takes on Italian dishes (two years of OmNomy wins) and can’t get enough of their gnocchi, we’re really interested in what Harvest has to offer.

The new spot at 372 Greenwich Ave. (former home of La Brasserie and Le Figaro Bistro de Paris) in Greenwich will focus on Modern American food, put together with love and attention, and will be held together with deep roots to the earth with a farm to table experience.  In fact, they refer to the experience of eating at their restaurant as “farm to fork” dining.  According to Eric Gendron’s article for Greenwich Daily Voice, they will have an extensive wine menu of over 300 bottles, a beautiful wood-fired grill, will have small and large plates, and will also offer charcuterie options.  Sounds like our kind of place.

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Bella Nonna Brings Homestyle Italian Back to Greenwich with New Chef from Arthur Ave. – Greenwich, CT

20 Jan

The people of Greenwich…Greenwichers?…had some serious Italian food withdrawals when Bella Nonna was forced out of its spot in Cos Cob to make way for a Chase bank.  See, people loved their focus on classic Italian dishes, their affordable prices, their service, and their warm vibe.   Without a doubt, the giant chef statue that drew everybody in was a landmark that we still remember.  Well, the good news is, as you probably figured out from our title, they have reopened, and the way we found out was kind of serendipitous. We were driving through Greenwich and saw Bella Nonna on Railroad Ave. and wondered if it was the same restaurant and owners of their other spot.  And like magic, the very next day we got an e-mail from Joeilynnae, a daughter of the owners asking us if we wanted to check out a hot new restaurant.  She told us that their chef, Enzo Roppo, honed his skills in Italy and Arthur Ave, so we didn’t even need to think twice about checking it out asap.

Joeilynnae told us how they were still a very affordable choice with a nice atmosphere, so we should definitely come dine in, but we were feeling lazy one fine Friday (really, we’re kinda lazy every Friday, but let us pretend) and decided to get some delivery.  Now, we haven’t had much luck with delivery since we moved to Greenwich and were really hoping for a replacement to our fave go-to, Nick’s Pizza. We were crossing our fingers that Bella Nonna was it.

Antipasto for two (or one hungry paesano)

Antipasto for two (or one hungry paesano)

To start, we were very happy to see that the food got to us hot and very quickly.  We had ordered an antipasto for two, an appetizer of clams, penne vodka to share, and a tiramisu to end things off.  As we opened our bag, we were happy to see (and smell) some nice garlic knots that they threw together for us.  They weren’t too buttery and oily, had a nice bite from the garlic, were crispy on the outside, yet were nice and bready on the inside.  Nice start to the meal.  The antipasto was next with big chunks of parm and even fresh water mozzerella.  There was also a nice variety of meats, though we would have liked more greens.

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Mediterraneo (review redirect) Greenwich, CT

13 Jan

Gotta love WordPress!  It kept the date that we first began writing this post.  Well, here is where the post should be.  Again, we’re sorry…this is frustrating stuff.

Link to review.

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