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Half off Wine Tasting Class at Black Bear Spirits in Westport

29 Apr

From Groupon site…

Sure, wine tastes good, but there’s more to the good stuff than just “red” or “white.”  Where were the grapes grown?  What was the climate like there?  What was the micro-climate there?  What variety of grapes were used?  When was the wine bottled?  How was the wine fermented?  How was the wine stored?

These are all questions that make wine…well…wine.  Specifically, you’ll learn to distinguish wines by grape, vintage, and region as you take a 90 minute class at Black Bear Wines & Spirits in Westport.  The classes are held Saturdays from 1 to 2:30 and normally cost $50 each, but there’s a special Groupon going on now.  You’ll pay just $25 for a wine tasting and class for one or $49 for two people.

Black Bear Wines & Spirits is a great community supporter (they’re pouring at Taste of Westport), has an excellent selection, and is a great destination for all your wine needs.

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Searching for junk food heaven, ended up in junk food purgatory. Flipside Burger Bar-Fairfield

19 Feb


Patty Melt Burger! 10 oz to Incapacitation

Is there ever a day that goes by when you couldn’t go for a nice greasy burger or crispy, sizzle-sazzled fries?  Don’t even try lying, we all know you’re full of it.  To be alive you must love burgers, it’s in our Constitution.  You might as have a scarlet “A” embroidered on your shirt if you admit to not having burger cravings, seriously.  Yeah, then whip yourself to purge the evil desires of the flesh–beef that is.

Well, recently we found ourselves in our old haunt of Fairfield (we use to lived in Black Rock) because we claimed a killer deal from Groupon that snagged us 16 bucks worth of food for only $8 at Flipside Burger Bar.  Not too shabby! ;)  The menu was right to the point and not too big–just front and back.  There were burgers, dogs, shakes (adult and virgin), sandwiches, and salads.  Salads?  Salads!  Yeah, that should be ratified into our Constitution too.  Something about not serving salads at a burger bar.  But, I got ya–not everybody eats meat.  Hey, I was veg for 10 years, I know what it’s like. :)

Well, Kristien saw one thing on the menu and nearly burst:  Root Beer Float.  She only saves floats for special occasions and I guess this was one.  Then again, any time out at a place that serves root beer floats is a special occasion!  I went the naughty route and ordered the Chocolate Covered Nutty Banana shake.  It wasn’t overly chocolately which I was really happy with, but the banana flavor didn’t really come through.  :)  I could definitely taste the Frangelico in there, giving it that nutty taste, but like I said, the banana taste was very subtle because of the banana liquor.  Try as hard as I could, I couldn’t stir that bad boy enough to mix in all the liquor so it all pooled down at the bottom.  It was a good drink, but I just wanted more banana, especially if that’s in the  title of the shake.

Now, onto our burgers.  Kristien had the artery clogging Breakfast Burger, topped with bacon, cheddar, and a fried egg.  The meat was cooked well and the bacon and cheddar were tasty, but the egg yolk was cooked through (adding that to the Constitution, yolks must be soft and runneth over) and, the burger fell short on the spice and seasoning department.  It almost seemed that they had the ground beef in the kitchen and forgot to put all good stuff inside to make it awesome.  We both agreed that with the extra seasonings, the burgers would be great.  Instead, the toppings stood out more and were more of the stars.  On the side was some pretty good coleslaw and you can trust Kristien on that.  She’s the coleslaw conneseiur, but I despise the stuff.  I can’t even let it touch my food or I’ll flip out.  Who else is with me on that one?  And, of course, she had some fries smothered in cheese.  The fries were nice and crispy and crunched oh so nicely when you bit in, but–again–they needed seasoning or even just salt.

Then there was my burger.  I had a choice:  Sirloin at 6 oz. or a Fat Boy at 10 oz.  I thought I was hungry, but I was oh so wrong and would greatly pay the price for ordering that Patty Melt 10 ouncer!  This burger was a beast.  Just look at the picture. Seriously. Look at it.  You’ve got a burger piled on top of tomato, onion, and lettuce, sure, but there’s more.  Oh so much more.  Buns aren’t needed here.  Flipside uses grilled cheese sandwiches.  Oh. hell. yes.  The flavors going on here with this burger were ridiculous and out of control because of the sandwich au fromage grillé. I just looked that up to impress you–did it work?  But, like Kristien’s burger, my beef suffered from spice-dysfunction.

Flipside Burger Bar has lots of potential here.  They just gotta get their salt and seasoning act together, though, if they’re going to feed the masses.  We’d definitely come back here again and see if they’re worked on their recipes and what their other food is like.  So, in the meantime, we’ll keep getting our burger fix at Filling Station Company in New Canaan, CT.  They’ve perfected the burger experience and are turning 1 in March and are having lots of free giveaways including a year of free lunches!

Noms:  3
Price:  $$
Flipside Burger Bar
Address:1125 Post Road
Fairfield, CT 06824-6005
(203) 292-8233
Site:  http://www.flipsiderestaurant.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Flipside-Burger-Bar/174557600918?ref=ts&sk=wall

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