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Mi Not Sure Oh: Inconsistent Guatemalan and Peruvian Spot. Mi Ranchito-Stamford, CT

15 May

Bandeja Chapina, Por Favor...Minus the Overcooking

Well, it was Cinco de Mayo so what better way to celebrate a victory of the Mexican army than eat Guatemalan and Peruvian food? Um, yeeeeah, we always like to push the boundaries and challenge expectations, right? We got this said food from Mi Ranchito on Hope Street in Stamford. It’s across the street from Roly Poly  in a teeny, tiny little spot with a bright blue banner.

We’ve eaten here a few times and were always happy with the food here for the price. We always try to look for Latino restaurants that are tiny little holes in the wall because we’ve found them to be the most authentic and delicious (not to mention dirt cheap). So, how did the pesos fall this time?  I ordered my usual, the Bandeja Chapina.  You get a sizzling thin strip of carne asada, cooked in flavorful and lively spices.  Also, hiding under it, you get adobada, another thin strip of meat, though this time it’s pork.  The spices in the pork also bounce around in your mouth and are full of flavor.  My favorite part of the dish is when the drippings from the beef trickle down and coat the pork.  Oh hell yes.  But this time, that dish was just okay because the meat was way overcooked.  The flavors were still there, but the meat was tough.  The sides that come with it were solid, though, and up to their usual quality.  Black beans, covered in queso fresco (try it on a Filling Station burger?) with rice, and some crispy yet fluffy tortilla chips to do a little digging with.  They also give you a salad and some tortillas so you can wrap up your own concoctions.  I paired it with my New England Brewing Co.  Sea Hag IPA.  Nice lil’ combo if you ask me.

Sea Hag IPA from New England Brewing Company

Kristien had the chile-wait for it-rellenos.  Yeah, I know, big surprise.  She said they were just ok.  She remembered it being better last time.  Whereas some Mexican or Latino spots go overboard with the cheese inside of the rellenos, Mi Ranchito had more of a beef and stuffing-like filling.  It was an interesting twist, but not great, and came with the same sides as my meal.

We were dying to have a special item on their menu:  plantains stuffed with black beans.  Unfortunately, we had their first version of the menu and it’s no longer on there.  I asked what else was unique to try and the server on the phone said the fried tacos.  Hey, we’re game, so we got those.  They were basically tortillas, stuffed with cheese and beef, wrapped up, then fried.  Very crispy, kind of boring but not bad.  Did we mention they smothered the hell out of them with guac?  For us, that’s a good thing. I did like the flavors in the fried tacos though, especially the contrast with the doughy, crispy, savory, and sweet.

Mommy, you almost done with those chile rellenos?

The bottom line is that this is a decent, cheap, inexpensive place to grab a quick authentic Guatemalan and Peruvian bite, get delivery, or just casually eat in.  For the most part, their food is solid, though we hope that we just had their food on an off day and it’s not a trend.  In Port Chester (where we use to live by), great Peruvian spots are a peso a dozen, but in Stamford it’s more of a rare commodity.

If we had judged Mi Ranchito just based on our Cinco de Mayo experience, we’d have given it 2 Noms and wouldn’t have come back.  But, if we judged it also based on our past experiences we might give it another try.  We don’t know.  Try for yourself and be ready to be content or to be disappointed–there seems to be no consistency.

Noms: 2.75

Cost:  $

Mi Ranchito:  Eat in, take out, or cash only delivery

Address: 262 Hope Street

Stamford, CT 06906

Phone: (203) 353-9252

Site:  http://miranchitoct.com/mi-ranchito-menu.htm

Mi Ranchito on Urbanspoon

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