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Hartford Chef Michael Dussault Competes on Season 14 of Hell’s Kitchen

13 Feb

The 14th season of Hell’s Kitchen is ready to fire up (YES CHEF!) on March 3 from 8-9 pm on FOX . . . and this time around a Connecticut chef is in the running for winning the grand prize of not only winning Hell’s Kitchen, but also a Head Chef spot at one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants, and $250,000! But, if you’re a fan of the show, you know that it won’t be easy because there will be 17 other competitors and a ravenous (and often rabid) Chef Ramsay pushing our CT hopeful to his limits.

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Vote for Jeffrey Lizotte of ON20 for Food + Wine’s “The People’s Best New Chef” Award

25 Mar

Show some local love…

Every year, Food & Wine Magazine is on the lookout for America’s best new chefs.  So, they put together a list of 100 noteworthy, groundbreaking chefs from 10 different areas then have their readers vote on their favorites from each region.  This year in the New England region there’s a familiar face:  Jeffrey Lizotte, Executive Chef of ON20 in Hartford.

Photo © Daniel Krieger, Courtesy of ON20

He’s representing CT in The People’s Best New Chef contest, so show him some love. Just click here, click on his name, then hit done.  Also, if you’re familiar with NY restaurants, why not give them a vote, too?  Voting is going on now and lasts until March 31, so quit your procrastinating!  


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Chefs, Restaurants, Farms to Rally in Hartford for GMO Labeling

19 Apr
GMO? Genetically Modified Organism


     Mankind has had an incredible journey.  We started as hunters and gatherers, living along rivers and bodies of water.  Then, we became nomads as our skills grew, and then we became more comfortable with Earth and farming.  And, now, look at us!  We’ve found ways to create our own versions of food (and animals, too) by altering genetic material.  While many are excited about this progress and what it might mean in helping solve world hunger issues, many aren’t so sure.  In fact, people are concerned about the potential safety issues of the untested GMO food.  Could these foods cause cancer in people or cause other horrible adverse affects?

     There just isn’t enough proof yet and there’s so much “up in the air” because it’s a relatively new technology, but that’s not stopping concerned Nutmeggers from voicing their concerns.  A group of chefs, farmers, restaurateurs, and activists will be outside of the Hartford capitol building on 5/8 at 10 am to share how GMO foods should be labeled.  They believe (and so do we) that we have the right to know what’s in our food.  Many of the chefs, farmers, and restaurateurs will be providing tastings of their food to stir up activity and to bring the issue straight to Hartford.  Participants are hoping to engage legislators and other officials in an open dialogue revolving around everybody’s favorite thing:  food.
     If you are a restaurant owner, a chef, or are in the restaurant business and support the labeling of GMOs, you can contact Tara Cook-Littman by e-mailing her at taracook.littman@gmail.com.  She’d love to have you on board with a tasting or providing samples of your food on May 8 in Hartford.  Personally, we know many chefs and owners in Fairfield County who feel very strongly about this and we’d love to see them help represent us.
     Thank you to Rosemary Morretta for sharing this with us.  Rosemary is the person behind GoingGreenie on Twitter (we’re buds on there) and she’s also a board member of the Northeast Organic Farmers Association in Connecticut.

Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert Heading to Hartford for Good Vs. Evil Tour *Presale Code Inside*

15 Aug

Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Anthony Bourdain is one of the most recognized names in the culinary world.  He certainly isn’t shy nor is he afraid to speak his mind.  Whether it’s his views on Paula Deen’s diabetes, The James Beard Awards, Rachael Ray, Sandra Lee, Guy Fieri, or Rocco DiSpirito, his words certainly pack a punch.   Case in point, this barb about Sandra Lee’s show Semi-Homemade:

“All you have to do is waddle into the kitchen, open a can of crap and spread it on some other crap that you bought at the supermarket. And then you’ve done something really special.”

He isn’t all insults, though.  His Anthony Bourdain:  No Reservations and The Layover are two shows that people love and constantly talk about.  Plus, he’s a well established writer with Kitchen Confidential, Medium Raw, and even his new graphic novel called Get Jiro!  And, if you haven’t had enough of him, check him out in 2013 as he hosts Bourdain:  The Taste on ABC (a cooking competition) and a “docu-series” for CNN.  But, let’s be honest, it’s not always about Anthony Bourdain. Continue reading

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