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Gift-mas-ukah Day 1: Connecticutly Grown Hoardable Hot Sauce

1 Dec
Hoardable Hot Sauce, picture from their Facebook Page

Oh yeah, the hot sauce gods smile upon this! Pic from Hoardable Hot Sauce’s FB page.

Over the next two weeks, we’re going to do bite-size posts that throw the spotlight where it belongs: on the local producers, the local artisans, the local business owners who are putting out unique, high-quality products. Whether you get any of these gifts for yourself, for a friend, or a family member, we’ve combed Fairfield County so you can get you a slice of what the 203 is all about.

Up first for Day 1 is Hoardable Hot Sauce. Created by Jens Tschebull and Abby Yates and made right in the good ol’ Springdale neighborhood of Stamford, there’s bound to be at least one style that you’ll want to pour all over your food. From the flavors that we’ve tasted, we’d pour them all over anything . . . maybe even work some into the bedroom, too. Plus, another great thing about these sauces is that they are local, they are organic, and are made sustainably.

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CT Made: Sweet Sunshine Chili Sauces Add Some Spice to Your Life

14 Jan

Sweet Sunshine Sauces

Does this picture seem familiar?  A boatload of hot sauces that take up a few shelves in the fridge (and backup bottles in the pantry)?  Yes, of course it does, but if it doesn’t, shame on you!  Either way, we’ve got some brand new sauces that we have added to our arsenal that we’re itching to share with you.  We’re talking about the Litchfield based (where the owner and his family live) based, New Haven produced Sweet Sunshine.

But, these aren’t your typical flavorless or way too spicy hot sauces…Sweet Sunshine is actually chili sauce.  This means that the peppers have been pureed so what you get is a thicker sauce, not a liquidy one like you might be used to.  And, because of this, more of the flavor from the peppers come through and the sauces are easier to use in recipes or as condiments.  The other thing we love?  Each sauce is 100% natural, preservative-free, and fat-free too…just good ingredients.

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