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The Art of the Slurp + Shuck: Exclusive Oysters 101 Preview from Serendipity Magazine

19 Aug

Oysters, pic from Serendipity Magazine

Oysters are our drug of choice. And, while we’ve never shucked one before, we’ve eaten hundreds from the East Coast, to Canada, and back to the West Coast. Yes, the tastes are quite different and, as Romy Pokorny Weinberg from Serendipity Magazine notes, it’s like drinking only one kind of wine. Blasphemy!

So, in fitting with the theme of enjoying oysters, we’d like to take you to Mollusk School with Serendipity Magazine for a special, exclusive preview of their September issue out this week. Get slurping, people! 

Oysters 101 by Romy Pokorny Weinberg for Serendipity Magazine

September is the unofficial start of oyster season. Here’s what you need to know about the popular shellfish, from cooking to slurping. Whether you’re a novice or aficionado, these tips will guide you on how to shop for, shuck and serve oysters. Continue reading

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