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Where to eat and charge up in Lo. Fairfield County after Sandy

31 Oct


This is a first for us: writing a post from our iPad while we suffer through no power. Serves us right for creating sarcastic and joking top ten lists about Hurricane Sandy. She must have been listening to us. She-devil.

So, we have found ourselves in the position of needing hot meals, heat, and a place to charge our 235 electronic devices. Here are some of our favorite places for you to go to and recharge. If you have more fab places that people should go to, let us know. We will try to update for you.


New Colony Diner
Two Boots Pizza


Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza


Bodega Taco Bar
The Chelsea (awaiting health inspection, but probably open by now)
Circle Diner
Colony Grill
Duchess (lots of plugs and fast food, though we’ve only been once)


Barcelona: you can eat here or even just charge up, no purchase needed.

New Canaan

Chef Luis
South End
Station Eats


7-11 (just bought hot dog flavored potato chips)
Bar Sugo
Barcelona: you can eat here or even just charge up, no purchase needed.
The Ginger Man
The Spread
Wave Hill Bakery and Cafe


Barcelona: you can eat here or even just charge up, no purchase needed.
Coalhouse Pizza
Colony Grill
Dairy Inn
Rye Ridge Deli
Station Eats
Vinny’s Backyard
Zaza Gastrobar


Blu Parrot
Le Farm
The Whelk

OmNomCT Presents Top Ten Tips for Surviving Sandy

29 Oct

Even if you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you’ve heard all about Hurricane Sandy.  Some may call it Frankenstorm, but we call it for what it is…a major annoyance and crimpin’ of our style.  Well, we’re looking out for you, so we decided to do our part and get you ready for the storm.   We’ve created top-ten lists of things to do during Hurricane Sandy and what to eat.

Top 10 Things to Do During Hurricane Sandy

10) Have a blind smell contest of all the Yankee Candles that you have burning.  The winner to identify the most scents gets to take the candle of their choice.

9)  Make shadow puppets, specifically dogs that go nom nom nom as their mouths move.

8) Take bets on when power will go out in your neighborhood.

7) Turn on the news and do a shot or take a drink every time a newscaster says, “Stay with us for more up to date information on Hurricane Sandy.”

6) Play a drinking game where you drink whenever you want because there’s nothing else to do.

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