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Igor Day at Two Roads Brewery is 1/24 with 3 Igor’s Dreams Including Madeira and Cognac Aged Stouts

15 Jan

Igor's Dream 2015 Labels Two Roads

For the third year in a row, Two Roads Brewery in Stratford will host Igor Day. This is a holy day for beer lovers here in CT (and beyond now) when Two Roads releases one of their most popular beers, Igor’s Dream. The beer, an Unorthodox Russian Imperial Stout, is in honor of Igor Sikorsky who helped to modernize air travel, has an airport named after him, and whose company is still making state-of-the-art helicopters. Think of it as Two Roads way of paying homage to not only the man, but also their roots to the community of Stratford.

Line for Igor's Dream in 2014

The line for Igor’s Dream last year went by smoothly, but there was definitely a wait. Yes, there was a slight line on the brewroom floor, too.

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Igor’s Dream fever sweeps CT and Two Roads expands into NYC

15 Jan

Igor's Dream 2014 Two Roads Brewery

The faithful were lined up early on March 23, 2013 for a shot…a chance at fortune.  No, they weren’t waiting for Bieber or One Direction:  they were waiting for Two Roads Brewery in Stratford to open at 9 am.  The occasion?  The first ever sale of Igor’s Dream, an Unorthodox Russian Imperial Stout that was created as a tribute to Igor Sikorsky.  And it didn’t take long for the 25 oz bottles to sell out, either.  1,000 bottles (count them, one freaking thousand) sold in just three hours.  Damn.

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Two Roads Brewery Launches Igor’s Dream with Special Guests Igor and Nikolai Sikorsky

14 Mar

“The work of the individual still remains the spark that moves mankind ahead even more than teamwork” (Igor Sikorsky).

Sikorsky.  That last name is synonymous with achievement and man’s urge to fly into the heavens.  Igor Sikorsky.  Put quite simply, he changed the world, helping to perfect the helicopter and moving the flight industry forward to dazzling heights.  His sparks of brilliance, creativity, and ingenuity lit the way to fuel our dreams.  And, even in 2013, he continues to inspire us…

One person who was particularly inspired was Phil Markowski, brewmaster extraordinaire at Two Roads Brewing Company in Stratford.  Thinking back to Igor’s Russian heritage (he was from Kiev), he decided to create a Russian Imperial Stout…an Unorthodox Imperial Stout:  Igor’s Dream.  We’re talking a Russian Imperial Stout that’s aged in rye whiskey barrels and that tops in at a whopping 10.9% ABV.  Strong, just like Igor, huh?

Igor’s Dream has been poured into 25 ouncers and are being sold for $20.  The bottles will be dated based on their vintage, will be hand numbered, and are corked up, too.  You can buy Igor’s Dream on March 23, starting at 9 am.  There’s a limit to three bottles per person because there are just 1,000 bottles.  So, you can get one for yourself, another for yourself, and one more for yourself.  Maybe if someone was really nice you can consider giving them a bottle…maybe.

But, Two Roads has another amazing surprise in store!  Starting at 10 am, Igor Sikorsky Jr. and Nikolai Sikorsky will be there for the launch of Igor’s Dream and will be autographing bottles and special labels created just for this momentous occasion.  Also, they’ll be speaking about their dad and about the awesome history and future of Sikorsky! 

You’ll definitely want to get into the brewery early, get your bottles, then get on line to meet the Sikorsky brothers.  

Two Roads Brewing Co.

1700 Stratford Ave

Stratford, CT 06615

Phone:  (203) 335-2010
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