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Where Are You Partying St. Patrick’s Day Weekend? Let Us Know!

14 Mar

Let it be known how we feel about St. Patrick’s Day:  it should be moved to a constant day each and every March.  Yes, it’s always March 17 (Monday this year), but, what if we made it the second or third Saturday of every March instead?  That way we can all officially celebrate over the weekend!  Well, perhaps that might be a bad idea…that would mean you can’t justify two weeks of partying and becoming officially Irish.  Okay, we’ll stick with it the way it is…

But, we want to know, where do you go out to drink and get some great Irish food when St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner?  We’ll start with one choice that we’ve always been happy with:  Coalhouse Pizza.  For brunch on Saturday or Sunday, all year long, you can order an Irish Breakfast which includes toast, eggs, beans, bangers, rashers, white pudding, and the yummy but kind of scary black pudding.  and, yes, they have beer…52 taps worth.

So, let us know…this is your chance to plug your favorite restaurant or bar here in CT:  where do you go if you want that perfect pint or want some great Irish food?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

17 Mar


Happy St. Patrick’s Day from OmNomCT!   Celebrating with Irish breakfast at Coalhouse Pizza.   We are talking toast, beans, bangers, rashers, white pudding, and even black pudding.   Excellent!  

How are you celebrating?


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