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La Dolce Vita of Carlo Fuda: chef, baker, blogger, e molto Italiano

7 Jun

Carlo Fuda Italian Flag Pic

It all started one fine day at work in Stamford when Carlo Fuda was checking out Facebook.  CBS was looking for contestants for a brand new show that featured amateur bakers.  Without much hesitation, he wrote up an e-mail, hoping his passion and love for food would shine through.  Then, late one night he got the phone call.  It was from CBS and they had some amazing news:  he was going to be one of ten contestants on The American Baking Competition.  He remembered being excited that he was chosen, but he had felt that he had a great shot from the start.  “When I got the call,” he shared with us, “it created a new path for me to follow through on my passions.”   The American Baking Competition is hosted by comedian Jeff Foxworthy and judged by Marcela Valladolid and Paul Hollywood.  Each Wednesday at 8, contestants are pitted against each other with the “Signature Bake,” “Technical Bake,” and “Showstopper Bake.”  Eventually, only one baker is left and that person is crowned America’s Best Amateur Baker and they pocket $250,000.

Carlo's Citrus Pop-u-ccino

A citrusy cappuccino

Unfortunately, Carlo didn’t make it past the first episode (check out his CBS backstory), but during the episode his Twitter feed was blowing up with comments from fans who said they loved him and needed to see more.  Well, Carlo always has more and keeps his fans fed with his blog and other social media accounts, all listed at the bottom of this post.  Some of his most recent recipes are Calabrese Stuffed Eggplant (from a 100 year old recipe), Polpette di Nonna, and Garlic Parmesan Fried Zucchini & Eggplant.  Because he was so willing to talk to a fellow paesan about food, we scored an interview with this Stamford/PA resident, getting a view into the machinery that powers such an energetic, creative, sweet, and passionate mind.  So, here’s a little slice of Carlo’s la dolce vita, literally the sweet life.

In the first episode of The American Baking Competition, one of the rounds had contestants a create a pie.  Is there a story behind your Italian Easter ricotta pie?

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