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Gift-mas-ukah Day 3: Prima Dolce Co. Compotes of Greenwich, CT

3 Dec

Bella's Berries Compote

So far we’ve covered Hoardable Hot Sauce in Stamford, Jones Winery in Shelton for our Fairfield County gift spotlight, and today we’re sharing with you one of our favorite add-ons: Prima Dolce compotes. What is a compote, anyway? Well, that’s a great question. Here’s a little clarification: a compote is jam-like and includes fruit that has been stewing in a sugary syrup with possibly other ingredients like liqueurs or juices. 

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Can it! Learn how to preserve and can your food. Wakeman Town Farm – Westport, CT

30 Aug

We were at The Christmas Tree Shop (Dan’s nemesis, his holy water, his silver bullet) recently and saw giant cases of mason jars.  That got us to thinking how amazing it would be to can our own veggies or make our own jam and sauces.  Then we got to more thinking and were scared because we didn’t know how to do it properly.  Then we kind of gave up.

You could make something as awesome as this! From Wakeman Town Farms page.

But, we don’t have to give up anymore.  Wakeman Town Farm is actually holding a special workshop on September 8 from 9 am to 12 pm.  You’ll learn how to can, make jams, and even blend together a nice tomato sauce.  The class costs $35 when you register online or is $40 at the door.  There isn’t much space, so make sure that you get your spot online before anything begins.  Oh, you’ll also come home with some nice treats…a few jars of your own goodness that you can store away for fall or the cold days of winter. Continue reading

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