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Strawberry season sprouts up @ Jones Family Farms in Shelton, CT

4 Jun

Update:  flex those berry pickin’ fingers, strawberry season begins this Thursday (6/6) from 8 am – 5:30 pm!  

In our minds, it’s officially summer when berry picking begins.  Up until then, we just call the lead up to these great moments at local farms pre-summer-berry days.  Sure, you could just go out to your local grocery store and get packages of strawberries, but you’re missing out on something when you do that.  You’re missing out on the experience of bending down, finding the perfect berries (and not getting stuck with the runts of the litter), picking them, then piling them up in your basket.  And, you’re missing the whole local vibe, supporting the people and farms that live near you.  All that being said, there’s something about food that tastes better when you’ve put energy and effort into it…right?

So, you’ll want to get down to either Jones Family Farms @ Pumpkinseed Hill or Valley Farm and get picking your strawberries!  Only cash or personal checks are accepted as form of payment, so come prepared.  If you have your box from last year and use it, you can get a discount, too.  If you have more than 8 lbs. of berries, you’ll get $1 off, or if you have less than 8 lbs. you’ll get .30 off.

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