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The Laurel: Floating Oyster Bar Coming to a Dock Near You

15 Mar

Food trucks are awesome…it’s been scientifically proven.  Food+Fast+Fun=Major Noms.  See?  And, when it comes to food trucks, we’ve seen so many:  meatballs, crepes, lobster rolls, grilled cheese sandwiches, breakfast food, burritos, waffles, and oysters.  Oysters?

Yes, oysters.  But, we’re not talking about your regular kind of food experience here.  We’re talking about an oyster bar aboard Laurel, America’s oldest oyster boat.  She was built in 1891 and was about to be destroyed when her savior, Jean Paul Vellotti, came along.  He was on assignment, taking photos for Whole Foods when he climbed on board Laurel to capture that perfect shot.  Instantly, he felt a connection with her and felt how sad it would be if this boat was destroyed.  Not too long after this, Jean Paul (born in East Norwalk, now in Westport) made an offer on the boat and saved over 100 years of history from being written off the earth.

Since purchasing Laurel, Jean Paul continues extensive work at a New Haven dock to ensure that his ship can make the same legendary trips that she used to make.  Years ago, The Laurel harvested countless oysters and took them to ports along Long Island Sound, the Great Peconic Bay, the Great South Bay, New York Harbor, and even Delaware Bay.  While there are no plans right now to take Laurel on oyster bar trips to Maryland, there are definitely plans to hit up lots of spots locally.  Here’s their current schedule:

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Give Jacob and Mason of Cocoa Loco a Kickstart into Chocolatopia

21 Feb


Can you remember what you did when you got out of college?  Took a job as a waiter, a substitute teacher, a receptionist, or just ripped your hair out waiting for that phone call?  Well, for Jacob Maude and Mason Amato graduating college meant having a chance to do something fun, something great, and something big.  That big thing is what is now called Cocoa Loco.

Even in high school in Old Greenwich, Jacob and Mason had high hopes and constantly bounced ideas of world domination back and forth with each other.  Their moment of inspiration came when they visited Cadbury and various stores for ideas after they had stopped working at a souvenir company.  What they noticed was that every store had some counter space devoted to chocolate.  This is where the choco-madness began!

They practiced hour upon hour, day upon day, perfecting their chocolate making.  They read to the point of eye strain and to the point of sweet exhaustion from stirring the chocolate.  To get an even closer look into the world of the cocoa bean, Jake took a job at a chocolate factory.  Soon after, they were able to secure a professional kitchen to use.  Their first shift was a mind-bending 12 hours from 8 pm – 8 am, but they did produce 500 bars as a result.

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