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Now Casting: Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsay

1 May

Kitchen Nightmares Now Casting

Is your kitchen and restaurant, well, a nightmare?  Then you’ll need the help of world-renown Chef Gordon Ramsay.  He’s been helping restaurants turn themselves around since 2004 when he premiered Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares on BBC and brought his successful show over to America in 2007 as Kitchen Nightmares.

We’re excited to announce that Gordon is looking for more restaurants to help out that need his help, expert advice, revolutionary thinking, and tough love.  The casting call begins immediately and here’s the info:

  • If you’re interested, e-mail both kitchennightmares@theconlincompany.com  and knauditions@gmail.com.

  • Put the name of your restaurant and the city in the title:  Johnny’s/Bellmore LI, for example.

  • Include your name, phone number, contact information, name, location of your restaurant, your restaurant’s website (if you have one), type of cuisine, how long you have been open, and why you deserve and need Gordon’s help.

  • Download the application or apply online at www.TheConlinCompany.com.

Just a note:  restaurants need to have been open for at least a year, can’t be a franchise, and need to have at least 35 seats.

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