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Find the Pappy: the search for which CT restaurant has Pappy Van Winkle’s?

19 Aug

Find the Pappy Plan B Burger Bar

We received an e-mail from Lena DiGenti, Chief Strategy Officer at Locals 8, owners of Plan B Burger Bar & Bistro.  Normally Lena will send us things to look forward to such as beer dinners, openings like their Fairfield location, or burger contests, but this latest e-mail left us, honestly, bewildered.  Here’s the message:

Hey Everyone,

Do you like games? I’ve got one it’s called hide the pickle, oh no not that one –  I mean it’s called Find the Pappy. We hid some away for a rainy day and I’ve run out of patience.

The Pappy is very elusive, he is hard to find and even harder to catch. I heard a rumor he is hanging out in a bar that used to be a train station. Better hurry though he’s old but this guy moves fast.
Good Luck,
~ Lena
So many thoughts went through our head.  A bar at an old train station, Find the Pappy, old guys?  But, it all began to come into focus when we looked at the graphic attached to the email…that’s the one at the top of our post.  We’re talking about Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, aged 20 years.  Yes, the same Bourbon Whiskey that is rated 99 out of 100 at the World Spirits Championship and from Wine Enthusiast.  The same Pappy Van Winkle’s that brings men and women to their knees in frustration of finding.  The same Pappy Van Winkle’s that people call liquor store after liquor store to find, only to be put on a two year long waiting list (if you’re lucky).
Now, onto where you can savor Pappy!  Well, uh, we’ll have to leave that up to you.  It’s part of the fun and the mystery.  If you’re too lazy, let us google that for you.
Good luck in your search and please share your Pappy adventures.
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