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Food Truck Rally in Stamford to Benefit The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County

18 Nov

Cancel your ho-hum, humdrum lunch plans for Wednesday, 11/20…there’s a food truck rally happening!  We’re talking about Connecticut’s favorite lobster rolls from Lobstercraft, the Serious Balls of The Local Meatball, the Caribbean flare of Maddy’s Food Truck, and the ooey gooeyness of the awesome Melt Mobile.

They’ll be hanging out at Harbor Point Circle (that’s the circle in front of The Beer Garden) from 11:30-2 pm, selling lunches and giving back a portion of their sales to The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County.  Both Lobstercraft and Melt Mobile will be giving 10% of all sales, while Maddy’s and The Local Meatball will donate 10% but will kick that up to 20% if they get past $500 in sales.

So, seriously save your lame salad, your boring bologna sandwich, and/or your salt-laden Ramen noodles for another day and get yourself down for a lunch to remember.  Big up to Roxy Waters of Castleton Commodities International for organizing this!

Food Truck Rally for The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County

11/20 from 11:30-2 pm

Harbor Point Circle, right by 15 Harbor Point Road

Harbor Point area of Stamford, CT

(right outside of The Beer Garden)

The Local Meatball Expands Meaty Empire with Second Truck

22 Jul

Mike DiStassio’s The Local Meatball has seen lots of success even though he’s only been ballin’ for just three months.  He has sold out of balls while being parked in Fairfield and various events throughout the state, and he’s been to lots of parties along the way.  But, running out of his meatballs might soon become a thing of the past with the creation of Grinder, aka “Big Ball,” their Red Nissan Cargo Van.  They’ll be able to take out Big Ball to festivals and keep the crowds fed while Little Ball can hit up smaller stops like the Fairfield transit station.

And, he has also taken Two Roads Brewery by storm.  Perhaps the best way to show Mike and co’s devotion to the art of the meatball is their first day at Two Roads.  Yeah, it was raining like crazy, but they just put up their umbrella and pushed through the day.  Emily of Two Roads told us during out last visit that she was amazed to see how many people came and had some meatballs despite the rain.  And, wouldn’t you know it, The Local Meatball was there when we visited recently.  Although we were a bit disappointed with the Serious Balls (their original Saugatuck Craft Butchery beef) the first time around, we tried them this time and they were excellent.

Congratulations on all your success!

Oh, and make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter so you can keep up to date with what’s going on and where they’ll be appearing!

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