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Hardcore Locavore Fork It Over Dining Series this Sunday ft. Matt Storch, Arik Bensimon, Jamie Cooper + Geoff Lazlo

20 Jul

Westport Farmers' Market poster_summer15

Seasons change. The Earth tumbles ahead through fall, winter, spring, then summer. And, as the seasons change, so does the fruit and veggies that pop up magically from farm fields. Some get sold at the farm, some make their way to restaurants, and some are brought to many of the farmers’ markets that dot Connecticut now more than ever. And, at one of the markets, there’s a palpable energy, a strong core of farmers, restaurateurs, chefs, business owners, and freshconscious consumers. We are speaking of Westport Farmers’ Market, of course, founded by Paul Newman and Chef Michel Nischan.

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Secret Ingredient Released for Battle of the Chefs with Chefs Pasternack, Storch, and Taibe

16 May
Grace Weber, executive director of Founders Hall, presents a fresh Pekin duck to Chefs Matt Storch, Forrest Pasternack and Jeff Taibe, who will be competing in Battle of the Chefs to benefit Founders Hall on Sunday, June 1, 4 -7pm, at Founders Hall.

Grace Weber, executive director of Founders Hall, presents a fresh Pekin duck to Chefs Matt Storch, Forrest Pasternack and Jeff Taibe, who will be competing in Battle of the Chefs to benefit Founders Hall on Sunday, June 1, 4 -7 pm, at Founders Hall.  Photo by Karen Rayda.

Oh, duck yeah!  The first ingredient for the appetizer round of the Battle of the Chefs at Founders Hall has been revealed.  On June 8, Chefs Pasternack (Bailey’s Backyard), Taibe (leFarm/The Whelk), and Storch (Match, The Chelsea), will need to use Peking duck in their appetizers.  For these three talented chefs, we don’t think they’ll have too much trouble…but the real challenge is putting out the best duck dish.  Duck can definitely be challenging, too.  It’s pretty easy to overcook and should be served rare to medium rare.  Plus, it does take lots of work to perfect that perfectly crispy duck skin.

All three chefs will be cooking up 200 servings for guests who will then vote for their favorites on June 1 from 4 to 7.  While all three chefs do have the advantage of planning out their attack with the Peking duck, they won’t be so lucky when it comes to the entrée round.  That’s because they’ll open a basket filled with secret ingredients and will have only 40 minutes to put a killer dish together.  A panel of judges will then discuss each dish and pick the winner of that round.  If you want a taste of the entrees, you can buy a special chef’s table ticket.  And, even if you don’t buy that, all tickets will get you enough hors d’oeuvre to fill up that belly, an open bar (oh yeah), and plenty of amazing desserts.

Tickets are now on sale at Founders Hall in Ridgefield, online, or by calling up (203) 431-7000.  Tasting Table Tickets are $500, Floor Seats are $200, and Stadium Seats are $125.  To read more about The Battle of the Chefs, please check out our introduction post and to learn more about the great work of Founders Hall, check out their site.

Chefs Pasternack, Storch, and Taibe Face Off at Battle of the Chefs for Founder Hall Fundraiser

12 Apr
Chefs Pasternack, Storch, and Taibe are preparing to do battle!  Photo from Karen Rayda

Chefs Forrest Pasternack of Bailey’s Backyard, Matt Storch of Match Restaurant in Norwalk, and Jeff Taibe of The Whelk and LeFarm in Westport will battle to benefit Founders Hall on Sunday, June 1, 4 pm, at Founders Hall.  Call 203-431-7000 for more information. Photo from Karen Rayda

Although June 1 is quite a while away, we wish we could fast forward to that date to witness an epic culinary battle at Founders Hall.  We speak of the Battle of the Chefs for Founder Hall where three chefs from Fairfield County will compete against each other in a food-infused brawl.  

Challenger 1:  Chef Forrest Pasternack of Bailey’s Backyard in Ridgefield.

Challenger 2:  Chef Matt Storch of Match in Norwalk

Challenger 3:  Chef Jeff Taibe of LeFarm and The Whelk…and a soon to open Japanese pub in Westport

All three challengers have extensive experience cooking a variety of cuisines, so it’ll be interesting to see what they bring to the plate.

This is how the night will go down:

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Rebirth of the Cool: Adam Patrick Takes Over + Reinvents Drink Program @ Match in SoNo

13 Mar

Adam Patrick Walrus Carpenter

On a recent trip to Colorado we hit up a speakeasy called Williams & Graham on the advice of our buddy, Charles Guerrero.  The drinks were awesome and the bartenders were amazing, mixing, shaking, cutting, peeling, straining, and pouring like pros.  Fast forward to a few weeks later when we finally made our way to Walrus + Carpenter in Black Rock and got to see Adam Patrick “behind the stick.”  Not only were his drinks impressively delicious, but he had those same skills that the bartenders who amazed us in Denver had.  One of the moves that got us hyped up was shaking the cocktail in one hand then stirring a drink with the other hand.  We both argued if we could actually do that, trying to pat our heads and rub our stomachs…we couldn’t even do that, but he made it seem easy as breathing.  

Match SoNo LogoWe talk about him with you today because Adam Patrick was chosen by Chef Matt Storch of Match to create a brand new drink program as the Bar Manager.  And, it’s pretty easy to see why Chef Storch would choose him to help bring about the new iteration of his landmark Match in the heart of SoNo.  He’s got drive, he’s got heart, he’s got mad skills, he’s got some sass, and he’s got some serious smarts.  Case in point:  his blog *just add alcohol that takes you through how to make cocktails, the origins of drinks, bar philosophy, and more.  

So, let’s dig a little deeper into the world of Adam Patrick, his role as Bar Manager at the soon-to-reopen Match, some hints about the changes to come at Match, and his evolution in the restaurant and service industry…

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Celebrate Match’s 14th Birthday with 6 Courses for $35 – SoNo, CT

4 Oct

Match SoNo Logo

14 years?  Damn.  That’s a long time in the restaurant biz, but with Chef Matt Storch as Executive Chef since 2001 (and now a partner, too,) it’s clear why Match continues to be a major success in SoNo.  Chef Storch’s food is imaginative, playful, bold, beautiful, and always in a process of evolution.  What’s great about the food at Match and what Chef Storch cooks in general (check him out at The Chelsea too) is that he’s not afraid to take chances and bring in influences from other cuisines.

This love of taking chances, being creative, and creating bold flavor profiles can be seen clearly in Match’s 14th Birthday 6 Course Meals.  From October 8-11, you’ll be able to pick the Fish & Veggies or the Meat Lovers meal for just $35 per person.  Here are both menus:

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What’s Up Doc? Carrot Recipe Contest at Westport Farmer’s Market

16 Feb

Carrots on a scale

Caucus carota.

Oh, that just sounds dirty.  Well, kinda dirty…if you consider digging into the ground and popping up carrots.  Yes, caucus carota, the carrot, is a thing of beauty to many and the root (hahah punny) of scorn for others.  But, we’re sharing this post with the carrot lovers of the world, so carotaphobiacs may run away in fear.

Okay, still with us?  Cool.  Maybe you love carrots so much that you can think of a million dishes to make with them:  carrot cakes, carrot muffins, carrot bread, carrot bread pudding, fried carrots, deep-fried carrots, grilled carrots, boiled carrots, honey boiled carrots, pickled carrots, carrot stew, or maybe even a fancy carrot juice?  Well, that’s not a million, but we’re honestly out of ideas.  But, maybe you aren’t!  If so, why not enter Westport Farmers’ Market‘s Carrot Recipe Contest?  Here are all the deets for you:

  • E-mail Lori Cochran-Dougall by February 19 (spots going fast)
  • Get carrots from a local farm (make sure to label your dish with which farm the carrots are from)
    • Create a dish that highlights the amazing β-caroteneness of the carrot
  • Bring your dish to Westport Farmers’ Market by 10:30 on 2/23
    • The contest begins at 11 am
  • The awesome chefs Matt Storch from Match and Chelsea and Geoff Lazlo from LeFarm will be your judges!
    • They will announce the winners at noon!

Westport Farmers’ Market

Carrot Recipe Contest

2/23/13 at 11 am

7 Sylvan Lane 

Westport, CT (Their winter location @ Gilbertie’s Herb Garden)

Win Big and Eat Cheap at the 2012 Fairfield Restaurant Week: 10/14 – 10/20

22 Sep

Ah, the anticipation and excitement that this will bring.  From October 14 – 20, you’ll be able to take part in Fairfield Restaurant Week.  This, dear OmNomivores, is a restaurant week different than ones you’ve experienced before.  First off, you have an amazing variety of top class restaurants participating.  Secondly, you’ll have a chance to check out old favorites or even some of the newer restaurants in town like Bodega Taco Bar, Martel, and The Chelsea.  Also, this will be pretty light on the wallet with lunch at $10 or $15 and dinner for just  $20 or $30.  Some places might even throw in some other kind of discount or special, just for you.  How about $10 for a case of stingers from Colony Grill?  Sold!

But, let’s get down to things now.  As if eating out on the cheap isn’t enough, you’ll have a chance to win a pretty amazing prize.  This is all you have to do:

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