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Two Local Breweries Release New Beers, You Win: The Rise of Half Full and Charter Oak

26 Nov

IPA…India Pale Ale.  A style of beer loved by many for its bite and its pine-iness.  Have you ever wondered why it’s called India Pale Ale, though?  Turns out life wasn’t so easy hundreds of years ago when sailors had to brave the wild seas.  If you weren’t killed by pirates, Jack Sparrow, mermaids, a krakken, or enormous waves, you might die of scurvy, malnutrition, or of thirst.  While you can’t really help being seduced by mermaids or wriggling free of the grasp of the krakken, you can control things like water intake.  It turns out, people discovered that when you pump up the hop content of beer, it stays fresh much longer.  Now, who wouldn’t love to drink IPAs more than plain ol’ boring water?

We speak of IPAs because Half Full Brewery, located on Homestead Avenue in Stamford, has released their own version.  According to Jordan Giles, Chief Beer Organizer, it is “a medium-bodied, earthy, spicy and piney beer with moderate bitterness that will be on tap year round. Half Full’s recipe uses Northwestern American hops and packs a 7.0% alcohol content that is balanced nicely by a dry rye finish.”  To create this great recipe, they had to spend hours upon hours in their tasting room, going through pale ales, ryes, and different kinds of IPAs.  You know, we don’t feel that sorry for them.  That’s some kind of research that most would die for. :)

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