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Primarily Underwhelmed @ Primary Food + Drink by Graham Elliot – Greenwich, CT

30 Jan
Escape Route (L) and Road to Manhattan Cocktails

Escape Route (L) and Road to Manhattan Cocktails

Update:  CT News has just reported that Primary Food & Drink is now permanently closed.  There was no reason given why.  

Our fascination with new and shiny things starts at a young age.  Like Ralphie going for the elusive Red Ryder BB Gun, or when we were kids we had to have that new, cool thing like the Easy Bake Oven or an RC Monster Truck.  Well, some things never change:  we still can’t help ourselves…but now, instead of toys, it’s new, fancy restaurants.

This time around, the new, fancy restaurant was Primary Food & Drink by Chef Graham Elliot, owner of Graham Elliot Bistro and  the now-closed Graham Elliot in Chicago, and judge on MasterChef.  As we shared with you back in December, Elliot took over Thataway Cafe in Greenwich and gave the culinary reins to his long time Director of Operations, Executive Chef Merlin Verrier.  Needless to say, we loved the idea behind Primary:  creative culinary spins on classic American dishes.

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Michelin-Starred Graham Elliot Opening Primary Food & Drink in Greenwich, Connecticut

3 Oct

Update:  Primary Food & Drink is open and here is our review:  Primarily Underwhelming.

We were reading The Greenwich Time over the summer and heard there were rumors that Joe Bastianich was opening up a spot in Greenwich.  Well, that made sense because he has lots of places in NYC and he has Tarry Lodge in nearby Port Chester.  While that rumor wasn’t true, they did say that a very famous celebrity chef from Chicago would be opening a restaurant at 409 Greenwich Avenue where Thataway Cafe used to be.  Immediately, we did our research and we were convinced it would be Graham Elliot…and our hunch was right.

Yes, the MasterChef judge and the owner of two Chicago restaurants:  Graham Elliot Bistro and Graham Elliot that has received two Michelin stars.  The name of his new restaurant in Greenwich is Primary Food & Drink, which highlights his exquisitely simple take on food and his commitment to keeping things at the highest possible quality.  Elliot will be serving Modern American food, rooted in the seasons and local food.

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