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Bacon Week Set to Sizzle at Plan B Burger Bar in Milford

10 Sep

(All photos provided by Plan B Milford)

If there’s something that we’ve figured out about Plan B, and specifically Plan B Milford, when they set their minds on something, they destroy it.  Like, seriously…they kill it.  Case in point:  The Third Annual Bacon Week at Plan B Milford.  Want a bucket of bacon?  Done!  Want to eat a “healthy” Swine salad, bacon candy bars, or bacon candy apples?  Done, done, done! Want to add bacon to anything on the menu?  Done!   Even more killer?  They’ve infused bacon into their mixed drinks, too!  So, without further delay (we know you’re probably sitting in a puddle of drool now), here’s the menu along with the cocktails that you’ll get to devour September 15-21:

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A trifecta of events to make Derby Day 2014 awesome in Milford, New Haven, + Norwalk

24 Apr

2014 marks the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby, the Indy 500 of the horse-racing world.  As we mentioned in our post about the special Kentucky bourbon tasting at Harry’s, the derby is really just an excuse for people to dress in huge ass hats and wear lots of Vineyard Vines and searsucker suits.  But, you can’t just get all dressed up and all fancy looking then stay at home.  Psssh, what fun would that be?  You best believe that we’ve got to help you out a bit.  So, here are three really exciting and adventurous things to do on Derby Day…hideous hat not necessarily included.

Plan B Burger, Milford

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Jealous Gatsby? We at da party of da year: The Iron Bar Gala @ Plan B Milford (w00t w00t)

13 Mar

For an entire year, talented mixologists throughout Connecticut have fought hard to make the best cocktails at Plan B Milford’s Iron Bar competitions.  And, through their skills 12 of them have made it to the final stage:  The Iron Bar Gala.  One winner will prevail, win $1,000 in cash and get a trip to Kentucky with the Plan B crew!  

You definitely won’t want to miss this event at Plan B Milford on 3/26/14 at 8 pm.  Seriously, don’t miss it…especially because the final test is bourbon themed using Willett Pot Still.  Tix are just $60 (plus tax and tip) and you get a helluva lot for your dollar, too…an abundance of hors d’oeuvre, 2 drink tickets, samples of all cocktail entries, a chance to vote for the winner, and mingle time with the celebrity judges.

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Colony Grill Offering Free Pizza and Gift Card Deals

19 Dec

Colony Grill Season's Greetings

Colony Grill would like to thank you for your ravenous support this year and every year with a special Christmas Customer Appreciation event.  This is all you have to do:  stop by Colony Grill in Fairfield, Milford, or Stamford on 12/23 from 2-5 and dine-in pizzas are free.  Free?  Free!

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This Weekend, Everybody’s Irish @ the Milford Irish Festival

19 Sep

Milford, you guys get the coolest things.  You have your own Oktoberfest, Oyster Fest, and you get your own Irish Festival, too!  Aww, garsh, we’re jealous.  Lucky for us you’re not too far away and we can easily get out there this Friday or Saturday, 9/20-21, to celebrate the music and culture of the Emerald Isle.  Both days will feature classics such as corned beef, fish & chips, shepard’s pie, roast beef, hot dogs, chili, burgers, pulled pork, sausage & peppers, fried dough, kettle corn, and more.   Also, there will be a variety of brews such as Guinness and Harp, as well as hard ciders and wine.   You can also learn more about Irish sports, history, and watch authentic Irish Dancing by visiting the Cultural Tent.  This tent will feature a tea room with Irish coffee and baked goods, too, so make sure to stop by.  

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Win Grilled Cheese for Life and $10,000 for Charity with Cheeseboy

18 Jul
Cheeseboy's Tomato and Basil.  I'm in love.

Cheeseboy’s Tomato and Basil. I’m in love.

Since they began in Boston in 2009, Cheeseboy has sold well over a million grilled cheese sandwiches.  That’s two million pieces of bread, countless sticks of butter, and a few million cheese slices.  And, with the opening of the Cheeseboy at the 95N service area in Darien (95S is on its way too), you have to believe those numbers will keep growing and growing.  With so much success, Cheeseboy thought long and hard about how to give back to all the fans of their grilled cheese sandwiches.  And, what they came up with very well might change your life:

We’re talking ’bout one of the gooiest contests to have ever existed!  The winner will get to pick a charity to receive $10,000 and will win a free grilled cheese sandwich, once a week, for life.  All you need to do is answer, “What would you do for a million grilled cheese sandwiches?”  The contest goes until August 31, 2013 and asks you to answer that question in 200 words or less.  All you need to do is head over to www.GrilledCheeseForLife.com then share your thoughts.  According to a recent press release, “Entries will be judged on their creativity in response, appropriateness, and viability of their charitable initiative.”

And, we’ve got something else great to share.  There are five runner ups for this contest too and they will receive a free grilled cheese sandwich once a month for a year.  Of course you’ll want to win a lifetime supply, but the consolations prize ain’t too shabby, now is it?

We wish you luck…and may the cheese be with you.

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