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Ocean to Table Sushi that Is Seriously out of this World! Miya’s Sushi – New Haven, CT

12 Nov

Our fascination with Miya’s Sushi and Chef Bun Lai began when we had our first bites of their sushi at The Whole Hog fundraiser for Wholesome Wave.  Bun’s uniquely awesome personality really came through when he talked to us about harvesting his own seaweed and how everything in the sushi roll was made.  We could tell that he had a deep passion for food and keeping things local, which is exactly what made us want to travel into New Haven to check out Miya’s.

It was finally when we were contacted about Bun Lai and Miya’s Sushi being on a new TV show that we got our butts in gear and headed out to New Haven. Plus, it was the perfect place to celebrate Dan’s birthday! We know that New Haven can seem so far away, especially when you’re in the western part of CT, but it’s really worth the trip!

As we sat down, we learned from our waitress about some basics of Miya’s.  First off, she told us that the staff are trained divers and they were going on a diving trip the following day to get seafood for their rolls and dishes.  The DIY philosophy also comes through when they served us their homemade low sodium soy sauce and their homemade ginger that is just de-vine.

Our strategy was to order lots and lots of rolls so that we could try as many flavors and combinations as possible.  This worked out well because most rolls were sliced into four slices, not an overwhelming amount at all.  We also HAD to order a few drinks because they were so incredibly unique. And, despite all the food and drinks that we ordered, we still ended up spending a bit less than we would at other “comparable” sushi joints.  We say comparable because, well, it’s hard to compare anything to Miya’s anymore after eating there.  Dan felt very zen, so he allowed his poetic side to reign and compose haikus (5-7-5 syllables) for each roll.

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Miya’s Sushi and Chef Bun Lai Featured on Good Food America with Nathan Lyon

13 Sep

We first had Miya’s Sushi of New Haven at The Whole Hog Fundraiser for Wholesome Wave.  That’s when we met the myth, the man, the legend…the one, the only Bun Lai.  See, ladies and gents, there’s Chuck Norris, then there’s The Most Interesting Man in the World, and then there is Bun Lai.

Bun Lai is solely responsible, by a flick of his fingers, for the sun rising.  Bun Lai does not sweat, his pores ooze liquid gold.  In a fight between Chuck Norris and Bun Lai, Bun Lai would defeat him with his trusty pair of chopsticks then serve Chuck sushi as a special.  He is the most inspiring sushi chef in the world.

Okay fine, let’s explain why.  Miya’s Sushi was the first sustainable sushi restaurant in the world and is the only one in the Northeast right now.  With the guidance of Bun Lai, head chef and owner, it has grown into an icon and has been praised by many to be the best sushi in the country, arguably the best sushi in the world.  From what we had at our tasting, we’d have to agree that the sushi at Miya’s is really just in your face with creativity and out of control in terms of being a life changing experience.

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