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Hey Bartender Tells the Story of the Bartender w/ Special Showings in CT

3 Jul

Hey Bartender Movie Poster

Documentary.  Yeah, we know, probably all of you just yawned and are contemplating ditching this post, but hold on a sec.  We recently got a sneak peak of a brand new documentary from 4thRow Films that was released just in May called Hey Bartender.  It not only goes through a brief history of cocktails and their recent upsurge, but it also takes the viewer on a journey through the lives of two bartenders.  One of those bartenders is the amazing Steve Schneider, an ex-Marine turned bartender at the enormously popular and celebrated Employees Only cocktail bar in NYC. Plus he has an epic handlebar mustache.  The other is Steve Carpentieri, or Carpi, as his customers and friends sometime call him. He’s the owner of Dunville’s in Westport. Weaved into the story of both of these drink slingers is commentary from the top bartenders in the industry including Jim Meehan of PDT in NYC, Dale DeGroff who started the modern cocktail movement at The Rainbow Room, Dushan Zaric of Employees Only, Julie Reiner of Flatiron Lounge, restaurateur Danny Meyers, and Sasha Petraske of Milk and Honey.   It’s also an unabashed celebration of the awakening of bartending and cocktail culture across America.

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