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Napa & Co. in Stamford Closing This Saturday

11 Jan
Halibut and wine at Napa & Co in Stamford CT

Napa & Co. will be serving its last meals this Saturday.

We just confirmed with the restaurant that Napa & Co. in Stamford will be closing for good. The Stamford institution was long seen as not only one of the top restaurants in Stamford, but also in Connecticut. Their last day of service is this Saturday, 1/14/17. Sources tell us that staff was told about the closing last night. We have no further information at the time about what restaurant will take its place.

Good luck and well wishes to everyone at Napa & Co.

Get ur prix fixe fix at Napa & Co this summer! – Stamford, CT

4 Jul

Happy Fourth of July, Omnomivores! Whether you are celebrating by having a BBQ at home, checking out a movie, watching some fireworks, or just chilling, we hope you have a great one.

So, we’ve gotta give some major props to Napa & Co in Stamford.  To begin, we were blown away by the dinner that Chef Arik Bensimon prepared for us during a blogger dinner.  We’re also impressed with all the awards that they have stacked up over the past few weeks:

Weekly Best of Fairfield County Reader’s Poll, 2012

• Best Wine List

Best of Stamford, 2012

• Best American  • Best Service  • Best Wine List  • Best Creative Menu  • Best Special Occasion
Best of The Gold Coast, 2012
• Best American  • Best Service  • Best Wine List
They’re sharing the love this summer by offering up special prix fixe menus.  In July, they will be offering a Summer Farmers Tasting Menu.  Stop by any night in July and you’ll get a 3 course meal that is paired with wine for just $45.  That kind of value, complemented by Chef Arik’s culinary chops is killah.
The awesomeness doesn’t stop, though.  In AugustNapa & Co is extending the Stamford Summer Restaurant week deal.  Yup, get a 3 course meal with wine for just $30.12 during the night.  It’s hard to pass this deal up even more.  Also, be sure to check up on our Nomworthy Events calendar for wine related tastings and events.
Happy Fourth!

Noms: 4.25

Cost: $$$

Napa & Co

Address: 75 Broad Street

Stamford, CT 06901

Phone: (203) 353-3319

Site:  http://www.napaandcompany.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/napaandcompany

Twitter:  http://twitter.com/#!/napaandcompany

Napa & Co on Urbanspoon

Chef Sergio Reyes Makes Bar Rosso in Stamford Shine

18 Mar

*Click a picture to enlarge and bring up the gallery*

Way back in May 2011, we told Omnomivores about Bar Rosso and were dying to try what we hoped were great Italian tapas. We thought it would end up being one of our favorites, especially because Mary Schaffer from Napa & co was involved with the initial launch. But, much to our dismay, when we finally tried things out, we were a bit disappointed to find the food didn’t live up to the hype with way too much salt, seasoning and oil.  We left knowing Bar Rosso had potential, if they could just get the food right.

At a press dinner at Cactus Rose Cantina, Linda Kavanagh told us that Bar Rosso had a new chef and new management. So with that in mind, and the fact that we were dying for some great Italian tapas, we decided to give Bar Rosso another try. What went down next definitely changed our minds…

When we arrived we met Stacy, the general manager, and she seated us in a comfy booth by the brick oven and the kitchen door. To our delight, Chef Sergio Reyes came out and told us he wanted to share some dishes with us to show what Bar Rosso is now all about.  If a chef presents you with an offer like this, you take it.  Like if the Godfather comes up to you, telling you to do something, you do it.  Capiche?

So we were dying to find out what he would bring, but in the meantime we enjoyed a nice wine flight of a Primitivo, a Nero d’Avola, and a Sicilian Syrah selected by Eileen, head of the wine program. The picks were perfect and matched our taste so well:  big, bold reds that have body.

Wine Flight and Smoked Mozzarella, Spicy Sausage, and Broccoli Rabe Pizza

Chef Sergio came out with our dream pie: smoked mozzarella, spicy sausage, and broccoli rabe. The crust was beautifully cooked and golden, was crispy, yet still a bit doughy inside. The smoked mozzarella was a wonderful touch and added a great smokiness to the dish. We would order again, and–yes–it did stand up to the next morning reheat test.

Veal Ricotta Meatballs

Find these bad boys on the Bar Snacks section of the menu at 1 for $7 or 3 for $18.  Starting off, the meatballs were served in a cute jar.  They were meatier than we like, but not super meaty to the point that was all you could taste.  The ricotta was great because it added a juiciness to them that kept them moist.  Also, Chef Sergio did a great job of crustifying (is that a word?) the outside.  Any good meatball has been pan fried nicely…just ask any Italian.

Crispy Honey Calamari 

We also really loved the calamari.  There was a nice pile of them, generously drizzled with a jalapeño and honey sauce.  Although there was only a slight kick from the peppers, the flavor was intense, especially with little bits of olives mixed in.  The breading on the calamari was thick, but if it was any thinner it would probably become soggy because of the drizzle.

Short Rib Raviolis

A pretty complex dish.  Delicate and earthy short ribs with burrata, tomato jam, and hazelnuts.  These handmade bad boys had great contrasting flavors with the earthiness of the short rib, the acid of red pepper pesto on top, and the bite of the shredded parmesan.  Delicious and very filling, which leads us to the next course.  Lucky for us these dishes were small plates style, otherwise we never would have made it to dessert.  Yes, we’ll get there.

Lemon Ricotta Gnocchi

The gnocchi was served with capers and golden raisins in a creamy and light lemony sauce.  The capers added a nice saltiness to contrast the bright flavors going on.  The gnocchi itself was more on the heavier side that a typical ricotta gnocchi, rather than being like the light and fluffy pillows you’d expect. Chef Sergio said it was because they were made with a pastry bag which makes them heavier. The gnocchi definitely left us at the brink of exploding, but we couldn’t resist the chance to pick a dish of our choosing from the menu.

Pan Seared Pork Chop

This was the dish we had eyed on the menu and was actually recommended by Chef Reyes as one of his favorites.  The pork chop was paired with beautifully seared and buttery Brussel sprouts.  Oh man, how we love Brussel sprouts! On top of the chop were caramelized apples and under the chop was a bed of lentils.  Although it might seem scary, you should go with a medium on pork chops to get the full flavor and juiciness of this cut of meat.  But, make sure you’re at a good restaurant where the chef can handle this by cooking it to the right temperature.  :)  The chop was a bit over medium, but was still full of flavor and juicy.   The apples were a nice play on the classic pairing of pork chops with apple sauce.  We would order this dish again, no doubt.

Gelato, Sorbet and Pot de Crème

Chef Sergio came out and told us that he was sending out two desserts for us to try.  Again, we were left waiting in anticipation to see what we would receive.  The first dessert was an amazing trio of gelato and sorbet made one door over at Volta Gelateria Creperia.  The blood orange sorbet was bright, tart, citrusy, and refreshing.  Also there was the caramel sea salt gelato.  It was creamy, caramely and had an undertone of saltiness that provided a nice contrast in flavors.   Now, then there’s the chocolate strawberry gelato.  Kristien melted into a puddle and proclaimed that she would eat this by the gallon.  It was everything she loves in a gelato – a super fruity, refreshing gelato with chunks of contrasting chocolate. I think she even liked this better than her favorite ice cream ever – Friendly’s Watermelon Roll. Don’t tell her I told you all that!

We also had the Nutella pot de crème with homemade whipped cream and crushed amaretto cookies on top.  The pot de crème was light and airy and hid light hints of cinnamon.  Seriously delicious.

So…Same, Better, Worse? What’s OmNomCT’s Verdict?

Our major problem with Bar Rosso when we first went was how everything was just a bit off. A bit too much!  But, after this meal, we can say that Bar Rosso is a wonderful place to hit up if you’re looking for some awesome Italian tapas.  You’ll get to try lots of small plates that pack in a lot of flavor.  The service is excellent and the wine selection is a blend of phenomenal wines from all over Italy.  Chef Sergio will also be changing the menu up, depending on the season, and filling it up with food from local farms.  We’d definitely recommend checking out Bar Rosso for some bar snacks, small plates, sharing a bottle of wine, or even just an all out dining experience.  So, let it be known that Bar Rosso has jumped from 3.25 Noms to 4 Noms.

Bar Rosso
Noms: 4
Cost:  $$$
Address: 24 Spring Street
Stamford, CT 06901
Phone: (203) 388-9640
Reservations recommended (also on Opentable.com)
Site: http://www.barrossoct.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001687354172
Twitter:  http://twitter.com/barrossoct

Bar Rosso on Urbanspoon

Take a Taste of Stamford: Our Best Food and Drinks in One Night!

9 Feb

Update:  check out the 2013, 20th Annual Taste of Stamford by clicking here. 

Danny and I are proud to own a house in Stamford.  It really has the best of so many worlds. It has a thriving downtown, filled with life, restaurants, and exploration worthy spots.  Also, you have the more suburban parts like Springdale, where we live with just as much life and great spots to check out.  Plus, we’re going to have our own Foursquare badge soon!

So, what better way to celebrate the awesome tastes of Stamford (and surrounding areas) than having a huge tasting event?  Yup, mark it down:  2/16/2012, from 5:30-8:30. Taste of Stamford at Stamford Plaza Hotel & Conference Center.  If you pre-pay by registering here, it’s just $50.  $60 at the door.  So, what’s that get ya?  We’ll break it down for you by food and drink categories.  After this much tasting, you just might need to be rolled into your own room at the hotel. ;)


BarQ (We’ve got the exclusive scoop on Bob LeRose’s–from Bobby Q’s–spot that’s coming soon)
Bar Rosso
Cafe D’Azur (review coming soon; Darien)
Cafe Oo la la
The Capital Grille
Columbus Park Trattoria (OmNomy winner for Best Italian)
David’s Soundview Catering
DiMare Pastry Shop
The Epicurean Caterers
Hilton Stamford
The Italian Center of Stamford
Shop Rite/Super Grade A
Stamford Plaza
Mitchell’s Fish Market
Napa & Co
SoNo Baking Company (Norwalk and Westport)
Spice Affaire
Tabouli Grill
The Inn at Longshore (Westport)


Acqua Panna (our water of choice during our Italian honeymoon) 
Coffee Distributing Corp.
Dichello Distributors
Ducky Life
S. Pellegrino
Stamford Wine & Liquors

19th Annual Taste of Stamford

5:30PM Until 8:30PM
$50.00 pre-paid/$60 at the door

Stamford Plaza Hotel & Conference Center
2701 Summer Street
Stamford, CT

Bloggers & Co Swoon over Feast from Chef Arik Bensimon. Napa & Co. – Stamford, CT

4 Sep

Mary Schaffer, co-owner of Napa & Co in Stamford reached out to local bloggers and invited us to a special, complimentary blogger dinner.  We’ve been to Napa & Co before for Valentine’s Day a few years ago and really enjoyed the food.  Well, the same applied this time, and we were able to learn even more about the wine, Chef Arik Bensimon, and Napa & Co.  Cooler yet, we chilled with JR from Streets of Stamford, restaurantsCT, and CTbites.  Holla.

To start off, Napa & Co uses local and fresh ingredients and fully embraces the farm-to-table philosophy.  You can taste the difference in the food as you eat it, so fresh and full of flavor.  This is why the food is a bit more expensive here, and we get that… and respect it.  Good, quality ingredients costs money, and we’re willing to pay for it. Okay, enough yapping.  Here’s the food we experienced, broken down by each decadent course:

Amuse bouche to start things off

We love to say that:  amuse bouche.  That just means a small, bite size tidbit given from the chef that “entertains the mouth.”  Yeah, these freaking did.  Beautifully grilled octopus that had nice grill marks and was perfectly tender and bursting with flavor.  And, as if that wasn’t enough, we had pork beignets that were candied, cripsy, and just plain beautiful. The perfect mix of sweet and savory. To. die. for. Mary paired these with the Dayden 2010 Dry Rosé from one of our favorite vineyards, Arizona Stronghold.  Yes, the Arizona Stronghold from Arizona that is co-owned by Eric Glomski and Maynard James Keenan from Tool, Puscifer, and A Perfect Circle.  Kristien and I swear that he ate at Napa & Co before his concert last year because of our Twitter recommendations and sold Mary on the wine, but maybe that’s just our imagination (or wishful thinking because we’re obsessed with Maynard).  He also owns and runs Caduceus and Merkin Vineyards and he stars with Eric in the highly acclaimed film Blood into Wine–a must watch.

Course 1

Local duck egg, atop creamy fontina potatoes.  Not amazing enough?  Throw in three (count them, three) thick and oh-so-good slices of black truffles.  Ooooh yeah, black truffles.  That’s like $90 bucks there or something crazy like that.  The egg was poached and cooked perfectly and oozed out onto the potatoes, giving a nice contrast.  The truffles, while we thought would be overpowering at first, actually added a great depth and earthiness to this course.  Mary paired this with Toast by Napa & Co, a nice Brut.

Course 2

House made fettuccine with oolii mushrooms and saffron.  The pasta was cooked perfectly al dente  and was served with a creamy sauce with nice bites of saffron throughout.  Chef Arik usually has three homemade pasta dishes and sometimes even one magical, hidden pasta dish that’s not always advertised.  Oooh, mystery. Mary paired this with a light and buttery 2008 Chardonnay-Viognier blend from Spann Vineyards.  Simply perfect. This was one of our favorite dishes.

Course 3

Halibut that was marinated for 20 minutes with salt and fennel pollen, then blanched and pan fried.  Serve that up with some flavorful broth and hen of the woods mushrooms, and you’ve got a killer dish.  The fennel pollen added an almost floral taste to the meal which really added so much more depth to this dish.  Pair this with the 2007 Pinot Noir from Dom. Michel Gros, and you’ve got another ridiculously wicked course.

Course 4

Slow cooked lamb belly, with lemon, chives and tarragon, Beltane Farms yogurt on top, and a Fava bean mash on the bottom.  The lamb was tender, juicy and flavored very well.  The yogurt was tart and added a wonderful contrast to the inherent fattiness of the lamb belly.  Chef Arik sent us out some brussel sprouts and we loaded up my plate:  they were caramelized, flavorful, and made us lean back in our seats in awe.  This course came with an impressive 2004 Barolo from Michele Chiarlo.

Course 5

Grass fed brisket with local corn and heirloom tomatoes.  The au jus that the brisket and veggies sat in was so earthy and is the stuff of dreams.  The brisket itself, though, took it up a few more notches.  Delicate, earthy, fall apart on your fork, melt-in-your-mouth-oh-so-goody.  Again, a perfect pairing with a 2005 Spanish Tempranillo from Bodegas Ramon Bilbao set the dish off.

Course 6

We were sad to see the last course, but in a way we were so stuffed, we couldn’t have fit anymore.  Unlike Kristien, I have a natural hatred of all things cheesecake, so I had a big decision to make during the whole meal.  Would I eat the Marscapone Cheesecake that was served with strawberries and basil?  At first I wasn’t sure, but just after the amuse bouche I knew that I trusted Chef Arik to give me something that would blow me away.  Let me say, this was an amazing dessert.  It was not too sweet and just right in terms of creaminess.  The little ribbons of basil, too, added nice bursts of flavor to the cake.  Mary paired this course with a great Muscat from Rurtherglen that wasn’t overly sweet.

The Verdict

Napa & Co is FANTABULOUS on all levels, from ingredients, to wines, to service, to (of course) their dishes. Chef Arik has real, raw, culinary talent.  Napa & Co has fresh, flavor-forward taste, that can satisfy even the pickiest foodies and winos.

If you’re ever want an experience like this, you can always check out Napa & Co‘s site as well as sign up for their e-mails.  They often have wine tastings, wine dinners, and other fun events.  You might consider Napa & Co expensive, but you’re certainly getting what you paid for.  A tip:  try the burger.  Damn, holy hell.

Noms: 4.25

Cost: $$$

Napa & Co

Address: 75 Broad Street

Stamford, CT 06901

Phone: (203) 353-3319

Site:  http://www.napaandcompany.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/napaandcompany

Twitter:  http://twitter.com/#!/napaandcompany

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Omnomivore’s Guide to Stamford Summer Restaurant Weeks 2011 – Stamford, CT

14 Aug

Yup, yup, we got the deets for you.  It was surprisingly hard to find the info about Stamford Summer Restaurant Week 2011, but we dug and dug just for you.  It seems that restaurant week has more exceptions now (like no Fridays or Saturdays), which is kind of frustrating.  We hope it doesn’t become a trend, because we all love restaurant week!  What better chance to try a whole bunch of spots, eat cheap, and go home happy? :)  Here’s a link to the official site with menu lists.

What do you think of the new rules and exceptions?  Also, what spots are you planning on hitting?  If you want help or suggestions, let us know!  Either way, here are the vitals with OmNom next to places we’ve reviewed:

Monday, August 22 – Monday, September 5

Prix-fixe lunch and dinner at the following spots:

$10.11 Lunch & $15.11 Dinner

Black Bear Saloon           203-324-4448

OmNom * Grand Burger (Dinner Only)  ***Try the Elvis Burger!***          203-323-3232

Kujaku Japanese Restaurant           203-357-0281

OmNom  Lola’s Mexican Kitchen (Excludes Fridays & Saturdays)            203-674-5652

Lucky’s Classic Burger & Malt Shop            203-978-0268

OmNom    SBC Downtown Restaurant & Brewery            203-327-2337

* Tiernan’s Bar & Restaurant           203-353-8566

OmNom    Volta Gelateria Creperia           203-883-8841

$12.11 Lunch & $20.11 Dinner

BUtterfield 8 Restaurant & Lounge           203-504-8123

OmNom    Capriccio Café (Lunch Only)            203-356-9819

Kotobuki Japanese Restaurant           203-359-4747

Quattro Pazzi (Excludes Fridays & Saturdays)            203-324-7000

OmNom    Remo’s Brick Oven Pizza Company            203-973-0077

Tengda Asian Bistro            203-353-8005

$20.11 Lunch & $30.11 Dinner

  * Aria Restaurant          203-324-2742

* Barcelona Restaurant & Wine Bar           203-348-4800

 OmNom    Bar Rosso (Excludes Fridays & Saturdays)            203-388-8640

* The Capital Grille            203-967-0000

 Chez Jean Pierre (Excludes Sundays)            203-357-9526

Columbus Park Trattoria           203-967-9191

* Emme of Capri           203-353-0626

 OmNom    EOS Greek Cuisine (Excludes Fridays & Saturdays)            203-569-6250

 Mitchell’s Fish Market            203-323-3474

 * Morton’s Steakhouse (Dinner Only)            203-324-3939

 napa & co. (Lunch Only)            203-353-3319

OmNom     Tappo Restaurant (Excludes Fridays & Saturdays)            203-588-9870

OmNom     * ZAZA Italian Gastrobar (Excludes Fridays & Saturdays)            203-348-2300

 This year in partnership with Stamford Hospital, Stamford Tables will host KIDS’ FANS 5-2-1-0, a program designed to promote nutrition and fitness in Stamford. All children under 12 will be offered a healthy lunch for $6.95 and dinner for $9.95 at most of the above listed restaurants. An * next to the restaurants above means they aren’t participating in this new promotion.

Also, the first 3,000 Summer Restaurant Weeks patrons will receive a voucher for a free small popcorn with the purchase of a general admission ticket to the Avon Theatre, 272 Bedford Street, valid thru 9/30/11. Yeah popcorn.  Except, with a small, we’d have that done before the first preview! ;)

Support the Arts in Stamford, Bid on Stuff, Get Stuffed! A Grand Summer Night – Stamford, CT

26 Jul

Sit, stay, good doggy!

You know all that great, funky art that’s all over Stamford?  Well, last year we had “It’s Reigning Cats and Dogs” and that was a cute, furry success.  This year we’re being treated to “Wit & Whimsy,” a fun and–what’s the word–whimsical (lol) collection of art, but how does the art get there?  Well, the first step is to get the funds to support the artists.  That’s where Stamford Downtown and the Stamford community waltzes in.  They’ve created A Grand Summer Night to help fund all the awesome pieces in the downtown open air museum.  Here’s how to get your nom on and help out:

8/10/2011, $90 per person

UConn, Stamford

5:30:  Hors d’ ouvres and cocktails from: 

Acqua Panna/San Pellegrino, Black Bear Saloon, Bobby Valentine’s Sports Gallery Café, DiMare Pastry Shop,
Kujaku Japanese Restaurant, Market Restaurant, Mitchell’s Fish Market, Morton’s The Steakhouse, SBC Restaurant & Brewery, Stamford Wine & Liquor, and ZAZA Italian Gastrobar.

7:30 Dinner, dessert, and coffee at select Stamford spots:

Aria RestaurantBar RossoBarcelona Restaurant & Wine BarBUtterfield 8 Restaurant & LoungeThe Capital Grille,
 Chez Jean PierreColumbus Park Trattoria, Emme of CapriEOS Greek CuisineFerrante
Mitchell’s Fish Market, Napa & Co.Quatrro Pazzi, and Tappo (also in our CBS review)

Make reservations here by July 28, picking your top 4 restaurants.  That’s gonna be tough! :)

Silent auction and raffle prizes, too:

Silent Auctions:  Getaways to Steam Boat Springs, CO and Woodloch Pines Resort in the Poconos, golf packages at local courses, pet boarding, fine jewelry  and more!

Raffle Grand Prize:  42” Panasonic Flat Panel HD Television, Courtesy of County TV & Appliance

Second Prize: Spa & Shopping Spree, Courtesy of Stamford Town Center: $250 Stamford Town Center Gift Certificate and $200 Agora Spa Gift Certificate
Third Prize: $250 Stamford Town Center Gift Certificate

For more info go to www.stamford-downtown.com

“Initiated by the Friends of Stamford Downtown, A Grand Summer Night was created to provide the perfect opportunity to experience the delectable cuisine that makes Stamford Downtown the dining capital of the region. Net proceeds from the event are used to purchase outdoor art and to help defray the costs of significant Downtown art exhibits.”

The Good, the Guac, and the Emme: OmNomable Guide for Stamford Winter Restaurant Week ’11

24 Feb

Fresh Guacamole from Riviera Maya!!!

Finally, the time has come, the time we’ve been waiting for.  Winter Restaurant Week in Stamford Downtown!  Take this for what it is:  a nice, inexpensive way to try out that restaurant you’ve been dying to get to or be daring a try something completely alien to you.  Here are the times to go hog-wild:  2/27-3/13!!!  Some of the places that we wouldn’t mind hitting again:

Capriccio Cafe ($10.11 lunch/$15.11 dinner)

Restaurant Week Menu

Great pizza, great food, really awesome in the summer when you can sit outside and chill.  Now you’d freeze instead of chill, but the food is still great.


Lola’s Mexican Kitchen ($10.11 lunch/$15.11 dinner)

Restaurant Week Menu

Our previous review gave this new restaurant in Stamford 3.5 Noms.  I’d like to see if they’ve worked their way up!


Quattro Pazzi  ($15.11 lunch/$25.11 dinner, only Sun-Thurs)

We ate here and the food was very good…would like to try again.


Riviera Maya Mexican Restaurant ($15.11 lunch/$25.11 dinner)

Restaurant Week Menu

We also gave Riviera Maya 3.5 Noms.  Their margaritas are truly killer and the guac is customizable, made right in front of you!


Tengda Asian Bistro ($15.11 lunch/$25.11 dinner)

Restaurant Week Menu

The food here is good and has the benefit of having sushi and other Chinese goodness combined.


Columbus Park Trattoria  ($20.11 lunch/$30.11 dinner)

When we went here for a previous Restaurant Week we were blown away by the Squid Ink Pasta.  I dream about it.


Emme of Capri  ($20.11 lunch/$30.11 dinner)

Restaurant Week Menu

We had an excellent waiter the last time we went here for Restaurant Week.  He gave us a great Sicilian wine reco and the food was really good.  It was a really nice and quaint place, very charming and romantic.


Eos Greek Cuisine  ($20.11 lunch/$30.11 dinner, only Sun-Thurs)

Restaurant Week Menu

No doubt, best Greek place in the area.  Whereas I dream about the Squid Ink Pasta, I dream of Eos’ Grilled Calamari and Lemon Potatoes.


Napa & co. ($20.11 lunch)

Restaurant Week Menu

A Stamford classic and mainstay.  The branzini with bacon on the menu looks great and your meal even comes with Domaine Ste Michelle Sparkling Brut.

The anticipation is killing us – Bar Rosso, Stamford

13 Nov

Update:  Bar Rosso is now open! Check out our review for the Omnomability!

Maybe we’re a little obsessed, but we’re counting down the days to the grand opening of Bar Rosso in Stamford (where Bennett’s Steakhouse use to be). In case you haven’t heard, (what, you’re all not as infatuated by food as we are?), Bar Rosso is a new Italian tapas restaurant started by the ingenious creators of Napa & Co. Not too many details have been released yet, other than a wood burning pizza oven, over 250 wines (OMG), homemade pasta, homemade limonecello, and a 50 ft. bar that’s sure to be quite the scene! Our fingers are crossed that the menu and wine selections are as creative and exciting as Napa & Co, but at a more affordable cost so we can eat there OFTEN!

You can follow the progress with us on their blog.

Bar Rosso
Address:  24 Spring Street
Stamford, CT 06901
Phone: (203) 388-8640
Site:  http://www.barrossoct.com/

Bar Rosso on Urbanspoon

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