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New England Brewing to Reopen on November 14, Clean the Growlers

6 Nov

Do you remember those heartbreaking times when you were young and you fell in love with someone? The summer would come along and you’d have to say goodbye until next year, or you went off to camp, then you had to say goodbye before school started? Oh wait, we are just remembering that from the latest ABC Family Movie. But, you know what? Continue reading

Fuzzy Baby Ducks, Zapata Bot + More @ NEBCO Tap Takeover! Gracias Coalhouse!

4 Dec


Clear your calendar for 12/23 at 5 pm, well . . . then you might as well clear your calendar for Christmas Eve, too, because you’re going to need some serious recovery time after you see what Gerard Robertson at Coalhouse Pizza in Stamford has planned for you.

Yes, it’s true: some of New England Brewing’s best beers will be on tap for this special night (we’ll update with the time when we get it). Think of it as Gerard’s Christmas present to you. 

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New England Brewing Co. + Coalhouse Pizza Go Pink with a Killer Meal, Raising $1,000!

23 Oct

Over 100 people packed Coalhouse Pizza in Stamford on Monday, 10/21, for a five course dinner that featured the beer of New England Brewing Company.  Matt Westfall (head brewer) and Sebastian D’Agostino (Assistant brewer) were on hand to talk about their beer and to partake in the awesomeness that Chef Eddie Hurtado, the kitchen staff, and the pizzaioli had in store for that night.

Yes, everybody was there for the NEBCO-infused food and the hard to find brews, but they were also there for an even greater cause…helping to eradicate breast cancer.  With ticket sales and a generous donation from Gerard Robertson, owner of Coalhouse, $1,000 was raised and given to Stamford Hospital’s Bennett Center.

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New England Brewing Company to Sail to New Home in Woodbridge

12 Sep

New England Brewing Company Logo

It’s official!  New England Brewing Company has been approved for a brand new spot for their brewery.  Their spot right now at 7 Selden Street in Woodbridge worked well for them at a time, but if you’ve been there you know how small the area is.  The smaller building makes it harder to not only brew great amounts of types of beer, but also doesn’t provide the kind of experience they’d love to give you for a tasting area.  Not that we minded getting some samples of the brews then heading around the brewery on a tour, but the new brewery on 175 Amity Road will be a major game changer for them.  Plus it’s just right around the block (literally around the block) so they can probably just carry over all their equipment. ;)

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New England Brewing Co. Harvest Dinner w/ NEBCO, Coalhouse Pizza + OmNomCT

29 Aug


668:  Neighbor of the Beast.


Sea Hag.

Imperial Stout Trooper.

Elm City Lager.

Sea Hag IPA from New England Brewing Company

Sea Hag IPA

All of these brews from New England Brewing Company are iconic.  And, at least one of these brews probably top your list of favorite beers in Connecticut, if not da world.  So, wouldn’t it be awesome to get five different NEBCO brews, pair them with five different courses, and even use other NEBCO beers in the making of each course?  Yeah, dumb question.  Of course it would be awesome.  Like riding a unicorn over a rainbow into a pot of gold kind of awesome.  Oh, but Coalhouse, New England Brewing, and OmNomCT can top that:  how about some rare brews like a cask conditioned beer and (you ready???) a bourbon barrel aged Stout Trooper?

This beer dinner will no doubt go down in legendary status for beer and food lovers alike and is taking place on 10/21, starting at 7 pm.  Tickets are just $55 each (that doesn’t include tax and gratuity) and the proceeds are being donated directly to Stamford Hospital’s Bennet Cancer Center in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  

As for the menu, we worked closely with Gerard Robertson (owner of Coalhouse, Beer King, and all around Übermensch) on creating dishes that would highlight the brews and do them justice.  Each dish is also centered around the idea of the bounty of a New England fall harvest.  And, here’s just a sneak peak of the menu with the beer and pairings to be revealed later…we have to keep some things a mystery, right?

Course 1:  Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad

Course 2:  Beer Roasted Oysters

Course 3:  New England Fall Harvest Pizza (with a touch of bacon) made with a Sea Hag IPA dough

Course 4:  Beer-braised Pot Roast with Smoky + Chunky Chipotle Mashed Taters

Course 5:  Beer-battered Fried Pumpkin Pie (oh yes we did)

On Tap at New England Brewing Company-Liquid Gold!!!

Imperial Stout Trooper, 668, and Gandhi-Bot!

Because spots are limited, you should call up Gerard and Coalhouse ASAP @ (203) 977-7700 and get your tix.  We are not responsible for the pandemonium that ensues when the New England Brewing Harvest Dinner sells out.  You’ve been warned.

New England Brewing Harvest Dinner

10/21 at 7 pm

$55 per person, tax and tip extra (the staff works so hard on these nights, make sure to reward them)

Coalhouse Pizza

85 High Ridge Road

Stamford, CT

Phone:  (203) 977-7700

Offshore Pour: Craft Beer and BBQ Cruise Around Long Island Sound – Norwalk, CT

5 Jun

Yup yup, you read that right.  Offshore Pour, a craft beer boat cruise.  Suds have been rounded up by Harry’s Wine & Liquor Market in Fairfield and grub’s being provided by Bobby Q’s Bodacious BBQ.  Brews ahoy from 1-4:30 pm at Veteran’s Park, but doors open at 12 pm on June 16.

Once you’re on the Island Bell, you’ll be able to eat BBQ to your heart’s content, drink down some of the best craft brews, listen to some badass live tunes, take a cruise around the Long Island Sound, and you’ll even get to take home your own souvenir tasting glass.  Here are the beers that will be available:

New England Brewing Company, Brooklyn Brewery, Sierra Nevada, Merchant du Vin, Stone Brewing Company, Dogfish Head, Harpoon Brewery, Samuel Adams, Sebago Brewing Company, Kona Brewing Co., Blue Point Brewing Company, Olde Burnside, Latis Imports, Unibroue, B. United International Inc., and Lagunitas Brewing Company.

Tickets are $59 or $75 if you buy the day of the event, June 16.  Proceeds will benefit Fairfield Theater Co. so make sure to get your tickets and get your friends to go, too.

 You need to be 21 or older to go and come with a valid ID.  Don’t bring your pets, don’t bring your children, and don’t bring your boo hoo grumpiness.  Bring an empty stomach and an unquenchable thirst!

Sixpoint Brewery Beer Soon to Be Sold in Connecticut!

26 Apr

Six points, get it?

May 24,


The fulfillment of all your beer-laden dreams.

Yes, it’s true.  If you keep eating your Wheaties and saying your prayers bruthha, Sixpoint Brewery will start to ship their bottled liquid awesomeness to Connecticut retailers.  They have a devoted following in New York, Massachusets, Vermont, and beyond and if you’re a beerocrat, you probably visited their brewery in Brooklyn, have downed their brews, and have heard how legen-wait for it-dary they are.  Yes, Sixpoint is known for making wicked good beer, but also taking it up a few thousand notches.  Yes, you can trust their year round selection like your BFF, but they also have a beer to match each season.

Once you start drinking Sixpoint beer, you’ll want to visit their brewery.  And, when you visit, you’ll need to try their awesome, one-0f-a-kind-redonkulous formulations.  We had a chance to try some of these at Beer for Beasts 2 this year and loved the 50 or so shots of different beer that we tasted.  Beer with crimini mushrooms, beer brewed with lobster shells, beer that was spicy, beer with chocolate…you name it, we tried it.  Our next stop is checking out the brewery because we want to see where the magic happens.

So, we’ve put together a nice list of their beer that gets sent to stores in cans.  Yes, cans.  Check out their explanation for why (remember that New England Brewing Company also cans their goodies).  Have any of you had Sixpoint beer?  Which kind(s) are your favorites?   More importantly, what are you doing May 24?

Year Round

Sweet Action
5.2% ABV • 34 IBU
12 SRM
Righteous Ale
6.3% ABV • 57 IBU
19 SRM
Bengali Tiger
6.4% ABV • 62 IBU
13 SRM
The Crisp
5.4% ABV • 42 IBU
5.9 SRM
9.1% ABV • 103 IBU
9.5 SRM


4.9% ABV • 35 IBU
4.4 SRM • Spring
5.2% ABV • 11 IBU
3.7 SRM • Summer
6.7% ABV • 68 IBU
15 SRM • Autumn
6.3% ABV • 69 IBU
33 SRM • Winter

Half Full Brewery Tapping into Stamford, CT in August

25 Mar

Update:  Check out our talk with Conor and our tour of Half Full.  

If you’ve ever looked at a map of production breweries in the CT/NY area, you probably noticed there ain’t jack squat in Fairfield County. Well, beer lovers, raise your mugs… Half Full Brewery is in town. Poised to open around June/July, they’ve set up shop at 43 Homestead Avenue in the Harbor Point section of Stamford, CT.  Half Full is the hop-child of Conor Horrigan, who used to work at New England Brewing Company and who got his MBA at UConn to make sure Half Full would be a business success.  Right now they’ve got a nanobrewery set up and are in the process of getting a nice 20 barrel microbrewery system installed.  Around May, expect to hear some info about touring the brewery, doing some tastings, and other beer related awesomeness.  You can definitely “Look Forward to More…” as their slogan says. We look forward to more, also, and will keep you updated as June gets closer.

Now, what beer might you be sampling?  Here are the descriptions from Half Full Brewery site, though undoubtedly there are more planned:

Their fun logo!

Half Full Bright Ale
Quick Description: This American Bright Ale is modeled after an Australian Bright Ale, a filtered ale that is golden in color with floral, citrus, and apricot flavors and a crisp bitterness; it falls stylistically in between an American Blonde Ale and a Belgian white, the result of combining 3 different types of malted barley and 2 hop varietals. Since this is a lighter beer, both in taste and in alcohol, it appeals to a broad range of palates.
Style:  Australian Bright Ale
ABV:  4.8%
IBUs:  21
Suggested Pairings: 
Fish dishes, salads, and light sauces.
Inspiration: I found this style of beer while on a trip to Australia and it is a great thirst-quenching beer that is ideal for drinking year round whenever you feel like living in your moment and looking forward to more…

Half Full Pale Ale
Quick Description: Our second offering is a bolder, more challenging medium-bodied beer for those looking for a stronger, fuller taste. This beer is styled after an American Pale Ale and is citrusy, balanced, and smooth as a result of the use of 3 different types of malted barley, 4 different varietals of hops, and a special hopping technique. Moreover, this American Pale Ale has an ABV of 5.2% and lightly slaps you with 41 IBUs.
Style:  West Coast Pale Ale
ABV:  5.2%
IBUs: 41
Suggested Pairings:
 Pizzas, burgers and spicy dishes

Half Full Stout
Quick Description: This espresso chocolate stout is a roasty, chocolatey, full-bodied Russian Imperial Stout that is only for the bold. Our Stout is chock full of chocolate as a result of combining 4 different types of malted barley (including a chocolate malt) with cocoa powder. The sweet chocolate is offset by both the roastyness that is contributed by the espresso coffee we added as well as the two different hop varietals we used to give this bad boy 50 IBUs. Our Stout clocks in at an ABV of 8.8% and thus will clock you if you are not careful.
Style:  Russian Imperial Stout
ABV:  8.8%
IBUs:  just shy of 50
Suggested Pairing:
 Any chocolate desert that you can think of

Half Full Amber
Quick Description: Our spiced amber ale is the result of 6 different malts colliding with 3 different hop varietals and some subtle spices.  This amber ale has a medium body, 45 IBUs that get swallowed up by the malts and spices, and a cool 6% ABV.
Style: Amber
ABV: 6.0%
IBUs: 45
Suggested Pairing: Deserts and any roasted meat.
Inspiration: The perfect beer for the fall, we brewed this for our last Thanksgiving and it paired very well with both pumpkin pie and backyard football.

Half Full Brewery

43 Homestead Avenue, 

Stamford, CT

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/halffullbrewery

Twitter:  http://twitter.com/halffullbrewery

Half Full Brewery on Urbanspoon

Small Town Brewery, Big Time Taste! New England Brewing Company-Woodbridge, CT

11 Jun

On Tap at New England Brewing Company-Liquid Gold

  • Imperial Stout Trooper  • 668: Neighbor of the Beast  • Gandhi Bot

What do these names have in common?  They are all the geeky and snarky inventions of The New England Brewing Company.  At this microbrewery, they brew small batches of beer, then can them by hand–every single one of them.  When we went to visit, Gandhi Bot, 668: Neighbor of the Beast, and Imperial Stout Trooper were on tap to try and to get growlers worth.

Imperial Stout Trooper

George Lucas No Likey!

First off, we had the Imperial Stout Trooper.  The original logo was a storm trooper from Star Wars, but I guess George Lucas didn’t like that.  He sent a letter to New England Brewing Company, asking them to change the logo.  Now, this is why you see the storm trooper wearing sunglasses.  This letter is also available for viewing right by the taps and is worth a chuckle.  The beer itself was deep, chocolately, thick, and was wicked good.  We wanted a growler of this (bring your own or purchase one for a few bucks) but as we were talking with them about the brewery, a local came and swiped the last dregs!  Bastard.

Gandhi Bot

Beer Filling Station, Word.

When you look at the tap logo for Gandhi Bot, you can’t help but think how awesome this place is.  Also, you can see the various evolutions of the Gandhi Bot logo all around the shop.  This Double IPA is strong and hits you hard.  It’s very piney, as goes many Double IPAs.  Kristien wasn’t a big fan, but I did enjoy it.

668:  Neighbor of the Beast

I can’t describe this beer better than fellow bloggers Food + Beer can:

“668 Neighbor of the Beast”, a Belgian Strong Pale Ale with a light body and both a spicy and fruity character, ranks in at over 9% and is almost equally delicious.”  Yeah, this was a great beer and to honor it we took home a growler of the strong stuff!  The name stems from 666 being the number of The Beast, Satan, The Devil, muah ha ha and all that evil stuff.  His next door neighbor would be 668, giving you a hint of how devilishly good this Pale Ale is!

We’d Love to Take a Bath in Those Vats!!!

Other Goodies

There are also other cans available for purchase such as Elm City Lager and Sea Hag IPA.  We bought a six pack of the Sea Hag and have been digging it, only drinking the can for special occasions.  For example:  it’s Monday.  Or, for another example:  it’s Tuesday.

So, fellow Omnomavores…you’ve gotta take a trip to Woodbridge and meet the funky, fun, and geeky cast of brewers at New England Brewing Company.  Taste what’s on tap, but most importantly come home with lots of their beer and support local brewers!  Brewhaha!

New England Brewing Company
Address:  7 Selden Street
Woodbridge, CT 06525
Phone:  (203) 387-2222
Site:  http://newenglandbrewing.com
Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/New-England-Brewing-Co/58798029455
E-mail: rob@newenglandbrewing.com

New England Brewing Company on Urbanspoon

Breastivus for the restivus! Raising money for breast cancer, one beer and slice at a time. New England Brewing Company-Woodbridge, CT

6 Jun
If you’ve never been to New England Brewing Company in Woodbridge (check out our review), it’s a must.  The guys that work there are fun, quirky, full of energy, and have an immense amount of beer knowledge.  Even if you haven’t, then here’s a perfect opportunity to visit:


Saturday, June 11, from 6-9 pm

NEB is raising money for Team Pass Go that will benefit the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure

Update:  NEB helped Team Pass Go to collect $10,000!

$20 suggested donation at the door, but you can dig deeper…can’t you?

Pizza from Modern Apizza and BAR will be served!

Also, drink down some free nice cold Sea Hags and Elm City Lagers! ;)  Our Sea Hags are just about done, so we’ve been savoring the last two cans. When else do you have a chance to drink up and eat pizza while giving back?  To see what you’re in for, check out our buddies’ review from Food + Beer.

New England Brewing Company

Address:  7 Selden Street

Woodbridge, CT 06525

Phone: (203) 387-2222

Site:  http://newenglandbrewing.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/New-England-Brewing-Co/58798029455

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