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4b or not 4b, that is what we question… 4b Festival, New Haven

24 Mar

4b Festival Collage New Haven OmNomCT

Beer, bourbon, bacon, and BBQ. What’s not to love about this combination?  Needless to say, when we found out about this Digital Surgeons event that was coming to New Haven, we were all over it…and apparently so was everyone else because both sessions sold out fast!  Not only did we buy tickets, but as bloggers of all awesomely edible things, we also shared some of the vendors that would be there, and even interviewed David Salinas, organizer of The 4b Festival.  That was back in December…now let’s fast forward to March 22 for the event.

After we waited in a fairly long line to park, we made our way over to the venue. It was a bit of a walk but we didn’t mind because it was a beautiful day out. Even though we got there a few minutes before the 12-4 session started, there was a HUGE line that wrapped around the parking lot like a sinister slithering snake. Because we were given press passes, we were able to go right into the Press/VIP entrance, get our IDs checked, and head on in, but we had friends in line and felt awful for them and everyone else because we knew it was going to take a while to get through that line. This is where things began to get ugly…

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Sierra Nevada Cask Night and 1st Homebrew Contest at Cask Republic Stamford and New Haven

27 Jan


Introducing Cask Republic Stamford‘s first ever beer event:  Sierra Nevada Cask Night!  The brew-haha goes down on 2/5, starting at 7 pm in the back room/private bar.  Don’t worry, there’s a fireplace there, too. :)

They’ll have Bigfoot Barleywine, Torpedo, and Ruthless Rye IPA all up for tasting and downing.  Oh, but there’s more…there’s always more with Cask Republic.  The entire back room will have a tap takeover of their 8 draft lines featuring (of course) Sierra Nevada brews.  

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CT Made: Sweet Sunshine Chili Sauces Add Some Spice to Your Life

14 Jan

Sweet Sunshine Sauces

Does this picture seem familiar?  A boatload of hot sauces that take up a few shelves in the fridge (and backup bottles in the pantry)?  Yes, of course it does, but if it doesn’t, shame on you!  Either way, we’ve got some brand new sauces that we have added to our arsenal that we’re itching to share with you.  We’re talking about the Litchfield based (where the owner and his family live) based, New Haven produced Sweet Sunshine.

But, these aren’t your typical flavorless or way too spicy hot sauces…Sweet Sunshine is actually chili sauce.  This means that the peppers have been pureed so what you get is a thicker sauce, not a liquidy one like you might be used to.  And, because of this, more of the flavor from the peppers come through and the sauces are easier to use in recipes or as condiments.  The other thing we love?  Each sauce is 100% natural, preservative-free, and fat-free too…just good ingredients.

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Epic Noms @ 4B Festival w/ Bacon, BBQ, Bourbon, + Beer

10 Dec
It would seem almost too good to be true.  A festival devoted to not only beer and bourbon, but also BBQ and bacon.  Well, we suppose that we’ve all died and gone to heaven because, YES, the 4B Festival is hitting The Nutmeg State and The Elm City!  This festival is the first of its kind here in CT and will take place on 3/22/14 at The Old Trolley Barn.

Explore Stamford + New Haven w/ Urban Scavenger Race and Party Afterwards

23 Sep

Stamford Urban Scavenger Race

Dan’s mom used to create an Easter scavenger hunt each year.  A clue would lead The Del Ferraros to a bounty of treats and the next clue.  By the end of the race, Ren, Danny, and Chad would have plenty of candy for the next few weeks.  And, if Dan got to a clue first, he might have (just might have) skimmed a bit off the top from his siblings’ candy stash.  Hey, they never knew.  ;)

So, chances are that you’ve also taken part in a scavenger hunt in some form or another, too.  Well, kiddos, it’s time for an all growned-up version with the Urban Scavenger Race.  Teams of two to four people race around Stamford and/or New Haven, trying to find the answers to clues and working hard to complete challenges.  To get from place to place, teams must simply run.  No taxis, no bikes, no hovercrafts or floating skateboards, though public busses are allowed.  When you arrive to your destination, you might need to complete a dare or snap a picture of the place, so make sure to bring your fully charged cell phone.  If your team can’t figure out a clue, you’ll need to be resourceful and seek out help from people nearby to see if they understand.  Maybe you could ask Siri, too.  After the race is over there’s always an after party to celebrate a successful race.

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New England Brewing Co. Harvest Dinner w/ NEBCO, Coalhouse Pizza + OmNomCT

29 Aug


668:  Neighbor of the Beast.


Sea Hag.

Imperial Stout Trooper.

Elm City Lager.

Sea Hag IPA from New England Brewing Company

Sea Hag IPA

All of these brews from New England Brewing Company are iconic.  And, at least one of these brews probably top your list of favorite beers in Connecticut, if not da world.  So, wouldn’t it be awesome to get five different NEBCO brews, pair them with five different courses, and even use other NEBCO beers in the making of each course?  Yeah, dumb question.  Of course it would be awesome.  Like riding a unicorn over a rainbow into a pot of gold kind of awesome.  Oh, but Coalhouse, New England Brewing, and OmNomCT can top that:  how about some rare brews like a cask conditioned beer and (you ready???) a bourbon barrel aged Stout Trooper?

This beer dinner will no doubt go down in legendary status for beer and food lovers alike and is taking place on 10/21, starting at 7 pm.  Tickets are just $55 each (that doesn’t include tax and gratuity) and the proceeds are being donated directly to Stamford Hospital’s Bennet Cancer Center in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  

As for the menu, we worked closely with Gerard Robertson (owner of Coalhouse, Beer King, and all around Übermensch) on creating dishes that would highlight the brews and do them justice.  Each dish is also centered around the idea of the bounty of a New England fall harvest.  And, here’s just a sneak peak of the menu with the beer and pairings to be revealed later…we have to keep some things a mystery, right?

Course 1:  Kale and Brussels Sprouts Salad

Course 2:  Beer Roasted Oysters

Course 3:  New England Fall Harvest Pizza (with a touch of bacon) made with a Sea Hag IPA dough

Course 4:  Beer-braised Pot Roast with Smoky + Chunky Chipotle Mashed Taters

Course 5:  Beer-battered Fried Pumpkin Pie (oh yes we did)

On Tap at New England Brewing Company-Liquid Gold!!!

Imperial Stout Trooper, 668, and Gandhi-Bot!

Because spots are limited, you should call up Gerard and Coalhouse ASAP @ (203) 977-7700 and get your tix.  We are not responsible for the pandemonium that ensues when the New England Brewing Harvest Dinner sells out.  You’ve been warned.

New England Brewing Harvest Dinner

10/21 at 7 pm

$55 per person, tax and tip extra (the staff works so hard on these nights, make sure to reward them)

Coalhouse Pizza

85 High Ridge Road

Stamford, CT

Phone:  (203) 977-7700

Holy Cannoli! Meriano’s Cannoli Truck Storms Connecticut!

23 Aug

There truly is a God…from Meriano’s Cannoli Truck FB page

Update:  Meriano’s Cannoli Truck is coming to Fairfield County in October for a visit!  Follow them (info below) to find out where first.  

Cannoli are, arguably, the most amazing creations on Earth.  Since childhood, any good Italian with a proper upbringing was introduced to these amazing treats.  If you weren’t, vergogna per la famiglia.  If, by the odd chance you weren’t lucky enough to be born Italian, you probably eventually learned about cannoli and became as obsessed by them as we are.  If there’s ever cannoli on a restaurant’s menu, best believe we are ordering it.  If we’re ever near a cannoli, our Italiano-radars can sense them.  Whether they have a plain shell or a chocolate covered shell, a plain filling, bits of orange zest inside, or are flavored in funky and fun ways, we want them…want them bad.  Any way you love you cannoli, Meriano’s Cannoli Truck (yes, a food truck that started in June) has you covered.

Regular cannoli filling with regular shell or chocolate covered?  Check!

Oreo, peanut butter, chocolate strawberry, Snickerdoodle, Mounds bar, coconut sangria, or coconut cream pie cannoli?  Check!

Specials from the Meriano’s Bake Shoppe like tiramisu squares, sfogliatelli, gluten-free pignoli cookies, or eclairs?  Check!

It’s safe to say that this brand new food truck will be taking Connecticut by storm.  The brains behind this amazing testament to Italian pastries and goodness are Anthony, Liz, and Andrea Meriano.  While their parents started Meriano’s Bake Shoppe in 1988 in Guilford, their children have taken it a step further by taking the Meriano name on the road.  But, it’s not just about cannoli or selling their pastries.  They have a deeper cause.  They lost both their parents, Tony and Betty, to cancer.  Coming together, they wanted Meriano’s Cannoli Truck to have a cause, to have heart.  So, whenever you buy cannoli or pastries from the truck, they’ll donate a portion of the proceeds to Smilow Cancer Hospital in New Haven to help eradicate cancer.

Keep track of their truck by visiting their Facebook page or following them on Twitter!  They’re very good about listing where they’re at.  So far they’ve been to New Haven, Guilford, Madison, at the Lyme Farmers Market, and even the Shoreline Wine Festival where we first learned about them.  Also, if you want to hire them for a party, check out their cannoli packages.  

So, we wanna know, what’s your first or best cannoli experience?  Ours would have to be during our honeymoon when we had a freshly made cannoli in Rome.  Madon!  Then again, the pregnant cannoli that Dan’s parents ordered for his Eagle Scout party was pretty wicked, too.  It was a giant cannoli with about 50 cannoli inside.  Madon!

Taste of the Nation New Haven 2013 Vows No Kid Hungry

8 May

No Kid Hungry.  That’s the rallying call of Share Our Strength, an organization put together to wipe out childhood hunger.  And, with about 105,000 (13%) of children under 18 in Connecticut being food insecure, you can see how important this organization is.  One of their major fundraisers across the country is called Taste of the Nation that feature local food, chefs, and drinks.  And, we just so happen to be lucky enough to have a Taste of the Nation taking place at The Omni Hotel at Yale in New Haven on 5/22 from 6-9 for regular ticket holders ($85) or 5-9 for VIP ticket holders ($150).  The money will not only benefit Share Our Strength, but it will also benefit Christian Community Action, Connecticut Food Bank, End Hunger Connecticut, and the local chapter of No Kid Hungry Connecticut.  So, not only will you be helping to end childhood hunger, but you’ll also have some great music, treats, and drinks.  Here are the details:

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Dishing out Compassion: Community Plates Now Rescuing Food in New Haven

10 Apr

Community Plates started January 2011 in Norwalk, rescuing food from restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores that would otherwise hit a landfill.  Then, from there, volunteers would deliver the food to local shelters and food kitchens throughout Fairfield County.  As time went on, the restaurants and stores started to add up, so did the food collected, and so did the volunteers.

The Community Plates mission only grew from there, with them expanding their food rescuing through volunteerism into Columbus, Ohio and Albuquerque, New Mexico.   Getting food onto the plates of the hungry is no easy feat, but the GoRescue app that they developed has made it easier.  In fact, in under two years, they have rescued over one million meals that were transferred to over 300 volunteer drivers who then delivered them to over 40 receiving agencies.  Now New Haven is on board, too, helping the food insecure.  Executive Director Kevin Mullins explains why New Haven was an ideal location:  “We selected New Haven as our next launch site due to the high incidence of food insecurity and proximity to our headquarters in Fairfield County, but those were not the only reasons.  We are about communities helping their own communities, and New Haven has a rich tradition in grassroots organizations which is critical in this first phase as we sign up volunteer food runners, food donors and receiving agencies.  We just knew this was the right place.”

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Explore Some More: 2013 Branford and New Haven Restaurant Weeks

3 Apr

Spring is here, so why not celebrate with some great food?   And, why not throw in some great deals and prixe fixed meals?   Yup, it’s everybody’s favorite time…restaurant week!   First off, why not enter to win a $25 gift card to some local Branford businesses and restaurants just by clicking here?  Once you’ve done that, you can check out special deals and prices during their Restaurant Week from April 14-20.   We’ve listed all the info for you (20% gratuity is added to restaurant week checks) and even have a special recco from our friend Edwin Williams Bartlett of the awesome CT Out and About about one of his favorite spots, Home:

“All home runs! I don’t like tomato soup in general, but Home’s is amazing. I either have the patty melt or the Cuban (not on the list) when I am there and it has the same pork flatiron as the special, and it is the best piece of pork on a plate in the state. Their mac & cheese is to die for…I was a guest for the new menu meeting for the staff back in October, so I am very familiar with the whole menu.  I was very impressed with the Artic Char, which I much prefer to salmon, and it’s even wild caught. The pan seared scallops and the duck breast really caught my attention, too.”

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